Be smart, know everything through real-time monitoring

Avoid costly IT downtime by having the right APC Netbotz device from Ecl-ips

be smart know everythingbe smart know everything

IT downtime can be time-consuming as well as costly for your business but there are monitoring solutions which can help you to be smart and know everything about your IT devices. Meanwhile having specialists assess your IT set-up can ensure you are taking the right approach to preventing future problems.

The focus of real-time monitoring is often on the larger data centres, which have expanded because of the growth of cloud data storage, but smaller and medium-sized organisations should not neglect the IT networks and devices within their premises.

The Ecl-ips engineers are experienced in installing and maintaining APC Netbotz server room monitoring equipment as well as in the Schneider Electric monitoring software. As installers in digital CCTV, intruder alarms and access control the engineers are experienced in integrating IT assets into networks.

It also means the engineers can spot where organisations are making mistakes that could mean their IT networks are not going to be as efficient as they could be. For example, a server or a critical switch, may have been located in a cupboard that has become used for other purposes, creating a sub-optimal environment. The Ecl-ips team have been to various sites to install security devices and been able to offer Netbotz devices because they can demonstrate the value that server room monitoring will provide.

Recent figures from APC Schneider which looked at outages within data centres found that 22% can be attributed to human or accidental error, such as mistakenly leaving IT enclosures open. Meanwhile 11% of outages were attributed to water, heat, and equipment failures.

There are a range of APC Netbotz monitoring devices that we can recommend for you. For smaller or medium-sized organisations the APC Netbotz Rack Monitor 250, combined with APC Netbotz Rack Access Control, and the Schneider Electric software, Data Center Expert provides a truly integrated monitoring solution for server rooms and smaller IT spaces. When you purchase the Netbotz 250 temperature and humidity sensors are included and you can have up to six sensors, for other factors such as fluid, directly into the appliance.

To help you be smart and know everything notifications of unusual events, such as a high temperature in the server room, are sent directly to users while automated processes such as turning on roof fans to cool down the IT space can also be set up. Access to IT areas can also be restricted to only accredited people to reduce access control risks.

For larger organisations the APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 is an active monitoring solution designed to protect against environmental threats and unauthorised access risks that can cause downtime to IT infrastructure, in both data centre and edge computing environments. With its integrated suite of sensors, access control pods, and the HD Camera Pod 165, the NetBotz 750 safeguards environments with surveillance and flexible alerting based on user-definable thresholds.

Multiple NetBotz 750s can be managed through StruxureWare Data Center Expert, which stores and organises camera clips. It also enables a single view of multiple cameras, rapid search and retrieval of video, and tagging of important clips to provide an audit trail of who has been accessing critical IT equipment. The expansive monitoring of the APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 is easy to deploy, requiring only a single IP address and managed through a browser.

Having effective server room monitoring so you can be smart and know everything about your IT assets means you will be able to concentrate on running your core business rather than fire-fighting to retain business continuity. Investing in real-time monitoring will give you the peace of mind.

If you already know what real-time monitoring solution you want to buy you can go to our online shop now.  If you want to know more you can book a server room audit with us or if you prefer, we can discuss your needs on an online chat. Just book your appointment via our contact page.