Body-worn cameras: Latest advance from Motorola Solutions/ Avigilon

Our 'how to' video will help you operate the body-worn camera

Motorola Solutions Vt100 Body Worn Camera 2Motorola Solutions Vt100 Body Worn Camera 2

Ecl-ips prides itself on offering the latest advances from Avigilon, our CCTV partner. Avigilon is now part of Motorola Solutions, which has given the businesses the opportunity to bring their technological expertise together.

The Motorola Solutions VT100 body-worn camera is one such example of this advance. The lightweight VT100 is designed for customer-facing teams and can be customised for seamless integration with existing workwear to boost your brand and deliver extra reassurance to staff and customers. The front tag can include your logo and brand colors to make the VT100 an integral part of your staff uniform.

The camera is designed to extend and enrich your current CCTV system by providing live, first-person perspective video and audio. It can be used by security staff or those working on the shop floor or on reception who may find themselves in challenging situations or confrontational incidents with the public, which the camera can then capture. At this time when staff members find themselves having to enforce compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, which may cause friction with some customers, the camera could be particularly useful.

The body-worn camera is intuitive to operate, simple to manage and has a long battery standby. Video is secured on the VT100 to protect the integrity of your footage and support data protection compliance. Ecl-ips has been testing the camera and has produced this video to help you operate it. Take a look at the video here:

When the camera is connected to WIFI the footage will feed through to your video management software. We would recommend that you use the Avigilon Control Center 7 software as it is intuitive and easy to use. The footage will then appear as a camera feed in the same way as happens with your fixed cameras.

If you want to know more about using Avigilon Control Center 7 take a look at these videos on using bookmarks and changing your camera layout around. Other videos on using ACC 7 are available on our video page.

If you would like a demonstration of the VT100 body-worn camera contact us.