Gtech: the firm is benefiting from a high tech CCTV solution

CCTV: A vital monitoring tool for your business


When Gtech , which specialises in the design and manufacture of electric bikes and cordless products, moved into its larger headquarters in Worcester three years ago it became clear it would need a more extensive CCTV system both inside and outside the building.

Dan Seers, IT Team Leader at Gtech, has recorded a customer testimonial which illustrates the challenges that the company faced and how Ecl-ips was able to deal with them. We are really proud that we were able to support this expanding and successful local company. Dan has praised us for our quick response times, the thoroughness of Stephen Gilbert, our senior engineer and for the ongoing maintenance of the system by Ecl-ips.

Gtech’s HQ has many areas – the main entrance, car park, cycle track, delivery area, rear of building, reception, showroom and the customer service area – which all needed to be monitored. Ecl-ips  designed a security solution, which provided the monitoring and safeguarding benefits CCTV can provide and which Gtech wanted to achieve to enhance the security of its HQ.

The solution Ecl-ips designed used the Avigilon CCTV system, which meant installing cameras strong enough to provide detailed images for the identification of individuals. This included external cameras on the cycle track and new car parking areas, and cameras with the ability to identify vehicle number plates at the main entrance. The result was that the security of Gtech’s site was increased and any incidents that happened on the grounds were recorded and dealt with in an appropriate way. Indeed, Gtech’s security system has undoubtedly paid its way since its installation, with evidence of vandalism, trespassing and accidental damage all caught on camera. These incidents were able to be dealt with very quickly and efficiently due to the CCTV system.

Meanwhile internal cameras were installed within the customer service areas and an Avigilon Fisheye Camera was placed in the training area to give a 360-degree view and audio recording. Dome and bullet cameras were supplied to Gtech and to complete the CCTV solution two Avigilon Servers and the Avigilon Control Center  Video Management Software were installed.

CCTV technology can be instrumental in discouraging crime and anti-social behaviour, safeguarding or monitoring when your staff are coming into and checking out of your site, and in capturing minor incidents that happen on, in or around the premises. Whether your business premises are located out in a remote, isolated rural location or in the city centre, if it is not being monitored then it is vulnerable, particularly at night. A quiet, dark building or complex is appealing to young people who hang around either out of boredom or malicious intent to cause damage. This is when CCTV can be a vital monitoring tool. Moreover, CCTV with number plate recognition capabilities can identify number plates at a distance. This might be valuable for the purpose of monitoring visitors and speed or analysing the frequency of visits.

CCTV can benefit businesses of all sizes and in many ways. For instance, if you’re a retailer, you may install CCTV to deter shoplifting or protect against any dishonest employees. A CCTV presence can be used on healthcare premises to monitor patients unobtrusively. It reduces the need for security staff in various locations around a complex, which can be observed from a single monitoring point.

Ecl-ips is able to develop a bespoke CCTV solution for all  types of businesses as well schools and healthcare premises and we offer a free trial of Avigilon’s CCTV cameras allowing you to understand just how powerful they are. So why not get in touch to find out how we can help you.