COVID-19: Avigilon Thermal ETD Solution

Ecl-ips offers a range of tools to help reduce the risk of transmission

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Ecl-ips is able to offer a full range of solutions to help you manage the risks of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. Avigilon has now launched its Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection (ETD) Solution for organisations looking for an efficient method of pre-screening people as they enter a building or specific area within a site.

This tool gives you an additional means to keep staff, visitors, customers and the wider public safer from the risks of COVID-19 transmission and could be particularly useful if there is a high throughput of people, for example, in an airport queue or at the entrance of a large retail or office premises.

The Avigilon H4 Thermal ETD Solution comprises the Avigilon H4 security-grade thermal camera, embedded with edge-based analytics to detect faces and notify operators of elevated skin temperature, coupled with a blackbody uniform temperature source, providing a low friction, contactless alternative to traditional screening methods.

To setup the solution, the thermal camera should be positioned at a height of 1.5 to 2 metres with the individual and the blackbody within the same field of view. The distance between the thermal camera and the individual should be 1 to 1.5 metres. For best results, the thermal camera should be directed towards a non-reflective background behind the individual being screened, and deployed in indoor environments with a stable ambient temperature of 18 to 25°C.

To prepare people for screening, each individual should line up in a single line formation as they proceed through an entry point. Before stepping in front of the thermal camera, each individual should remove items that obscure their eye area (e.g. glasses, hat, etc.). Once in front of the thermal camera, there must be a clear view of the individual’s inner canthus (tear duct) region and the individual must look straight into the camera for 2 to 5 seconds.

When the thermal camera detects an individual’s skin temperature to be higher than a set threshold, the individual can be side-lined for additional screening with a secondary approved method, such as using medical-grade devices like a thermometer or enlisting medical professional opinion. Proper health screening would always be recommended if you are seeking to determine if someone has a fever so that advice can be given on whether self-isolation or quarantine is required.

The camera is built to work with the Avigilon CC software so that as well as taking immediate action elevated temperature events can be configured in ACC allowing for monitoring, assigning and acknowledgement of elevated temperature alarms. Powerful search tools enable you to quickly search through recorded video for elevated temperature events, so you can take further action with an informed response.

This ETD solution is part of a wider package of back-to-work tools developed by Avigilon that Ecl-ips can offer. Other solutions included distancing detection technology, occupancy management and face mask detection.

We are well-established Avigilon partners so if you need support on upgrading Avigilon software to take advantage of these features or want to learn more about the Avigilon CCTV system please contact us.