Getting back to work: Paxton offers more Net2 Solutions

Ecl-ips can offer integrated approaches to help you

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Ecl-ips will be offering more back-to work-solutions to customers from July after its access control solutions partner, Paxton, announced that it has added to its Net2 software with an Occupancy Management feature.

This latest software update Net2 v6.04 will allow employers or facilities managers to limit the number of people in any given area of their building; either barring access or sending an email/text to the manager when a space nears capacity. It will work across multiple areas of a site and can be set to operate a one in, one out system to support social distancing measures.

This will be useful within retail spaces that have already opened this month as well as office buildings, and possibly leisure and entertainment venues, that may be thinking about opening over forthcoming months as the government continues to relax the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Additionally, Paxton said it has made improvements to Net2 to allow installers to integrate the system with thermal scanners more easily. This follows some organisations considering the use of thermal imaging as part of their solution for opening up businesses by detecting staff or visitors that may have raised temperatures and require health screening.

As a Paxton installer Ecl-ips is also able to take advantage of Paxton’s webinar ‘practical considerations of how to operate safely in the workplace’ so that we can support more organisations get back to work safely and ensure their buildings are Covid secure.

These latest software developments from Paxton follow its other recent Net 2 upgrade which added functionality that made remote monitoring of sites safer and more effective than ever. By using Net2Online and the Paxton Connect app building managers can reduce the amount of physical contact required for people to access buildings, but also make remote management and the security of sites more straightforward.

Meanwhile Avigilon has also highlighted how its access control system can be used in contact tracing if employees are found to need to isolate after showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Ecl-ips, a UK-based CCTV and access control specialist, is a Paxton and Avigilon partner and is able to provide advice on a wide- range of back-to-work solutions. To find out more please contact us.