Ecl-ips: Experts in improving CCTV systems over time

By developing a long-term relationship we can ensure you have a high quality CCTV that suits you

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Cultivating long-term business relationships and improving CCTV systems over time, to suit budgets and an organisation’s changing needs and requirements, is one of the strengths of Ecl-ips. Providing solutions to companies of varying size with a range of types of premises is also a speciality.

We have been working with a Midlands-based manufacturer since 2015 integrating and improving its original analogue-based CCTV system. Since then Ecl-ips has replaced analogue cameras with IP cameras and provided new cameras by using the flexible Avigilon CCTV and video management system.

The initial project in 2016 involved installing an Avigilon server and analogue encoders so that the analogue camera images could be viewed as part of the video management system.  Some new high resolution CCTV cameras were also added at this time, both internally and externally.

Ecl-ips was able to develop the network required for the IP cameras using existing dark fibre cable links and adding new POE switches as required. Access to the CCTV system was provided both to users in the main reception and in the site’s security office.

Avigilon CCTV cameras were put into the reception and the production areas. Over time high resolution cameras have also replaced analogue cameras in the loading bay, car parks and vehicle entrances. As the company’s site is large multi-sensor cameras were an ideal solution in many places as they can be positioned to monitor virtually any area. You can choose between either three or four individually configurable camera sensors, which can provide up to 360-degree coverage.

More recently Ecl-ips has installed CCTV cameras in the factory’s paint shop. The manufacturer has adopted an automated system for painting its products and these cameras monitor the process. This allows the company to be quickly made aware of machine failure or blockages.

The innovative firm has also now begun using automatic forklift trucks which steer with the use of lasers. This is cutting-edge labour-saving technology but employees at the site need to be vigilant around them. This has led to more Avigilon cameras being fitted where the forklifts are operating to provide health and safety monitoring for staff.

Currently there are still some analogue cameras on the site but over time through our long-term relationship with the manufacturer we have been ensuring that by using the Avigilon software and cameras the company has the high-quality CCTV system it requires.

Ecl-ips works across the UK to provide IP CCTV systems and if you think we can provide one for your business please contact us.