Integrating your security systems increases efficiency

Ecl-ips is a specialist in integration

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Unplanned or gradual changes in your security systems, that may mean your company is not keeping up with the latest technology, can result in you working a lot less efficiently than you need to be. Have you had an analogue CCTV system but now need new IP cameras and want to be able to see images on a single appliance? Are you operating an electronic access control system but your CCTV system is running separately? Have you carried out various hardware upgrades but know your security software is only available on certain machines?

Integrated security solutions provided

Providing integrated security solutions to businesses and other organisations is one of the key strengths of Ecl-ips and providing you with the most appropriate, well designed and installed system is always our highest priority. We partner with leading CCTV and access control suppliers Avigilon and Mobotix as well as access control manufacturers, Videx and Paxton. All of these have developed systems that can be integrated with other security systems.

If you improve your CCTV system by installing Avigilon IP cameras you can integrate analogue cameras by installing Avigilon encoders that can work with the Avigilon Control Center video management software so all images are available on the single platform making surveillance simpler.

By integrating your access control and CCTV you will be able to link footage to specific access events in the access control software which will help make your site more streamlined and secure. Additionally, if you control your intruder and access systems as one across different areas of your site you can minimise false alarms.

Additional features for access control systems available

With the right access control system, you can program your fire doors to automatically open in the event of an emergency and the software can be configured to control access into lifts and to individual floors. Other features can include integrating systems with biometric readers to increase the level of security as well as the automatic generation of a roll call should your fire alarm go off and an evacuation of the building is necessary.

Ecl-ips also provides security at the level of the server room or other IT space within a business through our partnership with Schneider Electric which supplies sensors which can help monitor access to IT racks and doors into server rooms.

Keeping your monitoring and security devices available on a single platform allows for improved efficiency for your business. If you believe you can benefit from integrating your systems contact us to gain expert advice.