Madeley Academy sees benefit of advanced CCTV

The Avigilon surveillance system has helped the school

Madeley AcademyMadeley Academy

The COVID pandemic restrictions of 2020 and 2021 presented challenges for delivering projects but following the rules at the time we were able to provide an advanced Avigilon CCTV system to Madeley Academy in Telford, Shropshire.

Analogue CCTV system no longer fit for purpose

Our Managing Director, Aaron Kernaghan, worked with Steve Barnes, Network Manager at the school, to find out Madeley Academy’s surveillance and protection needs. The school had an existing analogue CCTV system but it had stopped being used because of its age and because it was hard to operate. They had particularly struggled because there were no names on cameras so understanding where incidents occurred was difficult.

Aaron recommended replacing this with an Avigilon system which included H5A Dome and Bullet Cameras, the H5M Dome, H5SL Dome Cameras, a HD Network Video Recorder and its video management software, Avigilon Control Center 7. So that the analogue cameras could be integrated into the new software Aaron also recommended Avigilon encoders.

As with many schools we took a staged approach to the install so that the school could get the initial benefits of the Avigilon system relatively quickly, knowing that more cameras would be added to improve surveillance further. We also find this helps schools to budget for a project as large as this and can spread the impact our engineers have on a school site when they are installing cameras.

Steve said, “Aaron was very thorough explaining the logic behind equipment, the phased approach and the staff had a good understanding of what was to come.”

Health & Safety paramount during installation at Madeley Academy

Although the installation occurred during the challenges of COVID restrictions he said Ecl-ips went above and beyond the requirements and continued to work, adhering to all the guidelines and keeping everyone safe.

He said, “Dave was great and got cables to routes that I never thought he would get to.  He was very clean and professional and really helpful in every way.”

The school staff were also thrilled that the original restaurant layout for the cameras was rearranged allowing one camera to cover the stairwell going out to the dining room. This is an area they had always wanted to cover as they had quite a lot of pushing and shoving by pupils potentially causing accidents. However, now they are able to keep the pupils more under control because they know that they are on CCTV.

For example, if students are misbehaving in the dining hall by dropping water or crushing crisps and dropping them on the floor he can get to the perpetrators. The school now has either footage or images that prove what the individual has done, which saves times investigating, which in turn saves money. Steve said.

Steve said the school’s behavioural manager loved the Avigilon system adding that he can now, “Follow up on everything that happens.”

Advanced CCTV protects against vandalism

He added that since the cameras have been in place vandalism at Madeley Academy has massively reduced saving thousands of pounds, showing how CCTV systems can act as a deterrent, particularly now that perpetrators know they will be detected because the cameras are being effectively monitored.

The Avigilon system has been a real success at Madeley Academy because it provides the quality and reliability of images the staff needed and makes it easy for them to retrieve images to review incidents on school grounds.

We can help schools with integrated systems

We have a well-established reputation for providing CCTV systems across the state and private education sector. Find out more about this project and other school installations on our case study page.

We can also provide access control and intruder alarm systems and are experts in the integration of systems to help users manage security more efficiently. Additionally, we have recently gained a reputation in helping schools with vape detection. The HALO Smart Sensor we offer can also easily integrate with CCTV systems helping schools manage vaping by students. If you want to know more about how we can help your school or college please get in touch.