Paxton 10 Key App: The future of Electronic Access Control

Ecl-ips can offer the latest smart technology for access control

Paxton Key App BluePaxton Key App Blue

Have you invested in electronic access control, but struggle to reclaim fobs or access cards when staff move onto a new employer? Or is it a pain when people lose their fobs or cards? Paxton Access Control’s latest access control system, Paxton10, has the perfect solution with its recently-launched Key App.

Electronic access control has many advantages over just using keys to access sites and buildings as you can easily remove staff from the system. However, while they still have some kind of physical card or fob it is still a potential risk, or cost when you need to get to get a replacement, if it gets lost or is not returned immediately.

The Paxton Key App allows access through doors with all brands and software of smartwatch, smartphone or tablet, it even works without ever taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket. The App is an inclusive element of the Paxton10 package. The free Bluetooth smart credentials are easy to issue and use, and allows users to open any Paxton10 door using the Paxton Key app and is particularly useful:

  • If you have seasonal or temporary workers who otherwise would need to be issued cards or fobs for a short time period
  • For regular delivery drivers to your premises – whether directly employed or contracted by you
  • For students accessing accommodation or university premises

Using the Bluetooth technology, you can access a door using Paxton10 Key App Touch using one of three modes which help make access even easier:

  • Touch to enter: tap the reader with smart device in 1-2m range
  • Token mode: present smart device to reader as a token
  • Long range: ideal for car park barriers as the smart device is read at 5-10m range; this is also useful if you are carrying boxes or other equipment as you enter a building.

If you need extra security, you can set the system to ask for additional verification of an identity to allow access which could be the requirement to use the fingerprint facility on your smartphone. Paxton Key also enables the user to carry out predefined building management functionality, such as setting the intruder alarm, simply by presenting their smart credential.

Paxton10 is Paxton’s latest electronic access control system and can offer a completely integrated access control and CCTV solution. It is perfect for small to medium-sized organisations who want an easy-to-use platform to meet their security needs.

At the core of the Paxton10 system is its server, which could be situated anywhere. Once you have the server installed your door and video controllers are connected to this and, crucially, no licences are required for cameras.

The server can support up to 1,000 doors. One controller is required for each door on the system. You can install Paxton10 cameras or integrate existing IP cameras with the system. One to four third party IP cameras can be controlled from a single video controller. Using Paxton’s Connect app the Paxton10 solution can also be used for access control at multiple sites, which includes offices across the world.

Additionally, Paxton10 integrates with fire and intruder alarms to simplify building management. It is easy to control and monitor the state of alarms within the Paxton10 user interface. A dedicated Paxton10 alarm connector can be installed and neatly fitted into the connector housing, or into the housing of your fire or intruder alarm.

Ecl-ips are well-established Paxton partners who have been installing its Net2 solution for several years. Paxton10 fits perfectly into our aim of offering you simple, but advanced, security solutions which can be accessed, ideally, from a single integrated platform.

If you want to know more, please contact us. We can discuss your needs on the phone, via video call and arrange to meet you and visit your site so we can offer a bespoke solution to meet your needs.