Roger Cunningham: Praise for our “professional engineer”

Ecl-ips: "Customer-focused professional Team"


We have received an appreciative testimonial from Roger Cunningham. He described our chief engineer Stephen Gilbert as “a very professional engineer” and praised our “customer-focused professional team.”

We originally installed Mobotix M12 cameras, NAS storage and a Very PC for Roger in 2009 and we have continued to provide ongoing support and maintenance. We pride ourselves in having long-term relationships with our customers meaning we can offer new CCTV and access controls solutions as they become available as well as supporting their existing systems.

Although we are still a Mobotix partner and will provide you with the most appropriate CCTV solution our camera range of choice is provided by Avigilon. If you are considering having a CCTV system we are offering a free trial of the Avigilon system. Avigilon’s CCTV system protects and monitors various locations worldwide including major corporations, retail environments and schools. With the innovative surveillance technology you can protect your assets, improve safety and reduce costs.

There is a wide-range of Avigilon cameras we can supply – including bullet cameras, dome cameras, PTZ and multi- sensor cameras along with the Avigilon Control Center video management software. This software provides advanced analytics but is incredibly user-friendly enabling you to retrieve footage quickly and save it easily if required.

If you want to benefit from a free trial, we’ll supply and install up to two high resolution IP cameras or an encoder and an Appliance with all of the software needed to show you how the system works. Our experienced and professional engineers will guide you through the software and show you how to use this easy and reliable system.

At the end of the trial if you don’t want to keep the camera system we’ll remove it leaving your system back as it was. The installation, training or removal of the trial system won’t cost you a penny. If you want a free trial why not contact us?