Mobotix C26 360° Indoor Camera

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The c26 is the smallest Mobotix 6MP hemispheric camera and comes with three clamps for easy installation in suspended ceilings like a halogen downlight. Alternatively equipped with a telephoto lens and mounted above a cash box the c26 will provide a very detailed video of the content and allows even reading the serial numbers of the bank notes.

With a diameter of only 12 centimeters/4.7 inches and a weight of approximately 200 grams, the c26 is the smallest and lightest Hemispheric MOBOTIX video complete system yet for ceiling mounting indoors (protection class IP20, 0 to 40 °C/32 to 104 °F). Standard features include a light-sensitive day or night sensor with 6MP Moonlight Technology, a microSD memory card and the latest camera software including MxActivitySensor and the MxAnalytics video analysis tools (person and object counting, heat map display of high-traffic areas). The integrated 6MP Moonlight Technology facilitates high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated areas.


  • Standalone: Full functionality @ zero bandwidth
  • Video Sensor: MxActivitySensor reducing false alarms
  • Event Recording: Onboard (SD card) & direct to NAS
  • MxAnalytics: Heat map & people counting
  • Alarm Notification: E-mail, FTP & VoIP (SIP)
  • Communication: Two-way audio option
  • Power: Standard PoE below 4W

Additional information

Angle of View

103°, 180°

Lens/Sensor Type

B016 Fisheye, B036 Ultra Wide

Day or Night

Day, Night



Number of Lenses


Indoor or Outdoor


ONVIF Compliant


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