Mobotix Pole Mount

SKU: SC0039
£60.94 (ex VAT)


If you are intending to install the Mobotix M15 or M25 Camera on a pole, you should consider using the Mobotix  pole mount. This mount is made of 3-mm powder-coated stainless steel (white) and has been designed specifically for outdoor use. The supplied stainless steel straps allow the mount to be attached to poles with diameters between 60 mm and 180 mm. By design, the pole mount does not allow the use of an in-wall socket. We recommend using an MX-Patch-Box that can be easily inserted into the cavity socket of the wall mount (VarioFlex mount) in order to ensure a weatherproof connection of the network devices.

Includes 2 metal mounting bands, fittings and grommet.

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