ACC 7.4 launched so you can respond quicker to security breaches

Avigilon introduces latest advance in facial recognition technology

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Are you head of security at a large retail site, a sports or entertainment arena or stadium or college or university campus? The latest version of Avigilon’s CCTV video management system, Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7.4 has additional appearance search capabilities. These mean security heads can be pro-active in dealing with individuals and thus can head off potential trouble.

Up to 500 names can be added to Watch List

Keeping track of incidents that might occur across large sites, even with good CCTV monitoring, can be difficult. Artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition technology means that ACC 7.4 can provide appearance alerts to CCTV operators so that they are aware if a banned or flagged individual enters a site. Up to 500 names can be added to an appearance watch list which means even on the biggest of sites security can be managed more pro-actively.

For organisations that use the new ACC software and license their Avigilon cameras for facial recognition, cameras will seek to identify potential matches based on the watch list. If a potential match is found, the user is alerted within the ACC software, and security personnel can then determine whether further investigation or action is necessary.

ACC 7.4: Next generation analytics

ACC 7.4 also uses Avigilon’s next generation video analytics providing enhanced performance in crowded spaces with the ability to classify more than 50 objects with improved accuracy. Different types and colours of vehicles can also be identified. To use the face-match technology each camera needs to be licensed for this. The technology should be used with the latest Avigilon analytic cameras, their H5A range, and will work indoors and outdoors.

Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, said it is committed to the responsible use of artificial intelligence, which addresses concerns about the invasion of privacy and use of data in respect of facial recognition technology.

John Kedzierski, senior vice president, Video Security Solutions, Motorola Solutions, said: “It’s important to note that we view facial recognition as an aid that can improve the decision-making of the user – it does not make consequential decisions or initiate actions on its own. We refer to this approach as ‘human in the loop,’ and it is foundational to the way we apply AI.”

End to end audit trail to protect data

Ecl-ips, an Avigilon partner, is pleased to be able to offer cameras and video management software that provides an end to end audit trail detailing user actions, the ability to specify time periods of data retention for the appearance watch list and to delete records on demand. Data is hosted, owned and controlled locally by you. This we know is important to our customers who want to remain GDPR compliant.

We are an established Avigilon partner with expertise in using its software and ensuring we can provide their latest technological solutions. If you want to know more about ACC 7.4 or any aspect of the Avigilon range of CCTV products contact us.