Dark winter evenings causing concerns? HKC alarms can help

We can design and install an intruder alarm system to suit you

HKC dark winter evenings protect propertyHKC dark winter evenings protect property

With dark winter evenings and Christmas coming soon this is a good time to consider if you are protecting your property properly. At home as you start to pile up the presents, and their value increases, having a high-quality intruder alarm system could give you peace of mind.  Additionally, retailers and their suppliers will have more stock as they supply the Christmas demand so again an effective intruder alarm system is important.

HKC Security: A growing presence in the UK intruder alarm market

We partner with HKC Security, which is part of ASSA ABLOY, allowing us to install high-quality products from the intruder alarm market leader in Ireland. As more UK installers, like us, get to know the HKC intruder alarm systems and products the company is also expanding its reach here.

HKC manufactures wired and wireless solutions to meet the requirements of the residential and commercial sectors. Renowned for its intruder and life safety products which include both hybrid and complete wireless control panels, HKC also manufactures a range of wired and wireless detectors, IP communicators, keypads and sounders suitable for all property types. Its two-way wireless platform offers excellent range and is capable of securing all building types using HKC’s innovative RF Expander architecture.

We have the HKC alarm range to help with security in dark winter evenings

We can design and install a comprehensive intruder alarm system using HKC products . If you want to know more about specific products on offer from us, we now feature some of the most popular and useful solutions on our website.

This includes the HKC Touch Intruder Key Pad which features an easy-to-read graphical display and capacitive touch screen. This key pad has an elegant and contemporary profile which HKC said is designed to complement modern interiors. It will work with wired or wireless systems, can come in chrome, grey, black or white and is fully compatible with all HKC SecureWave control panels. If you want an easy-to-use method to arm your alarm, we can offer HKC’s wireless key fobs.

HKC’s External Sounder is suitable for use with SecureWave2-way Wireless Technology including the SW 1070, SW 20140, and Quantum 70. This is available with a blue or red base.

We can also offer a range of detectors to fulfil varying security needs with the HKC Wireless PIR Detector and the HKC RF-Shock/Contact Detector featuring on our website.

The HKC Wireless PIR Detectors all have two-way wireless communication and an exceptional RF (radio frequency) range so can be placed in even in the trickiest of locations. Meanwhile, HKC has combined its advanced SecureWave two-way wireless platform with its years of development of both contact and inertia shock sensors to create its RF-Shock/Contact Detector.

Easy to use HKC app to improve intruder alarm management

If you have an HKC intruder alarm system installed SecureComm, its cloud-based solution enables you, and us as installers, to access your intruder alarm system. This means when you have access to the internet you can connect to the easy-to-use HKC app on your smart phone and we can support you with the installer app. You can access all the features of the app by entering the user code that you normally tap into your intruder alarm control panel.

The key features of the HKC app are:

  • Setting and unsetting your alarm system, which includes full setting or just part-setting the alarm, wherever you are
  • Receiving notifications of when alarms are activated and receiving a photo with this if the alarm is attached to a camera
  • If your alarm system has been integrated with other systems or devices around your home such as heating, lighting or an electric gate you can also turn them on or off or set a time for this
  • Site settings which controls when you get notifications, such as for alarm activation or if there is a technical fault with the system
  • Receive notifications on your smart phone of the changes to the alarm settings

Intruder alarm monitoring for peace of mind during dark winter evenings

The SecureCom Cloud system also enables our standards-compliant alarm receiving centre (ARC) to receive signals from your intruder alarm system if you opt to receive 24/7 remote monitoring. The ARC can filter out false alarms but you can also receive a police response if it is required.

If your property contains high value goods, or is likely to be a target for burglars especially during these dark winter evenings then remote monitoring by an ARC will provide an extra layer of security and added peace of mind. The ARC will ensure the intruder alarm system is being constantly monitored when the system is armed throughout the day and night.

This might be of particular interest in the winter when there are more hours of darkness or more particularly over the festive period when you may close your premises over an extended period of time or when you stay away from home visiting relatives.

Speak to HKC intruder alarm experts to find out more

HKC’s intruder alarm systems and products need to be installed by trained professionals. We can use our knowledge of the HKC products to design a bespoke intruder alarm system for you or upgrade your existing system to make it more effective during these dark winter evenings.

We will work with your insurance company to ensure you have the appropriate level of protection from your intruder alarm, along with intruder alarm monitoring, if required. We are also a NSI Gold accredited company and abide by all the appropriate standards that relate to intruder alarm systems.

We can give you advice about wider security measures that might be appropriate for your property such as Density fog generators, Avigilon CCTV cameras or access control solutions from Paxton Access that we can install and could protect you further. We can also provide a full security audit and help to integrate your security measures.

If you want to know more about the HKC intruder alarm solutions, or any other aspects of keeping your property safe and secure over the winter, please get in touch.