Keeping your IT equipment safe and secure

Good access control is crucial

Server RoomServer Room

Do you have IT equipment that needs keeping safe and secure? Would you lose valuable business if your servers were damaged?

While businesses increasingly focus on the risk of cyber attacks server rooms are also vulnerable from physical threats. There could be issues with equipment failure, such as overheating, or external factors such as a water leak that might cause IT devices to shut down. This is likely to result in loss of data or at least loss of time which means for most businesses means a loss of money.

Human error often the cause of IT failure

Unfortunately, it is often human error that is found to cause IT equipment failure with studies consistently showing that people are directly responsible for 60% of data centre downtime through accidents and mistakes.

Therefore, it is worth companies and other organisations, large and small, investing in a combination of monitoring devices, sensors and rack access control. This way the environment of the server room can be managed and monitored but also there are restrictions on who actually has access to IT equipment minimising the risk of human error.

Ecl-ips has extensive experience of the requirements of server rooms and data centres. We are able to visit your offices or other sites and provide a complete audit of your IT spaces and provide a full assessment of your monitoring and rack access control needs.

Competitive price for APC Netbotz 250

We supply APC Netbotz monitoring devices and currently have the starter monitoring kit APC Netbotz 250 available online at one of the most competitive prices on the market. This appliance has six on-board sensor ports for NetBotz wired sensors, including temperature, temp/humidity, smoke and spot fluid sensors as well as third party sensors via a dry contact cable. It is also compatible with wireless sensors which reduces the need for unnecessary cabling.

Crucially, it is also compatible with APC Netbotz Rack Access Control which uses the NetBotz 250 plus a handle kit to enable remote lock/unlock capabilities and badge access privileges for IT racks and enclosures. The rack access control appliance can be mounted in a 0U or 1U configuration and is designed to work with APC NetShelter SX racks.

By using Schneider Electric’s DataCenter Expert software you will be able to monitor your IT spaces on your desk top and mobile devices. Ecl-ips is also able to provide remote monitoring of IT spaces if your manpower is limited and is especially useful if you are working across a number of sites. For more information on the importance of server room monitoring take a look at the video below.

Keeping your server room safe and secure is vital for business continuity so if you are yet to invest in your IT monitoring needs contact us.