Managing your site is made easy with Avigilon Access Control

Ecl-ips offers access control solutions to make your life easier

managing your sitemanaging your site

Being able to control who enters your premises and lock external and internal doors to manage access around your building will make managing your site easier. Being able to manage this access remotely will make it even easier.

The advantages of using an electronic access control system include:

  • the ability to monitor real time activity, on site and remotely off site
  • staff time keeping logs
  • emergency evacuation call list logs
  • secure room access activity logs
  • the ability to unlock doors remotely or via schedule
  • to reduce your costs and increase service levels to staff / visitors
  • provide occupancy levels

Our partner, Avigilon, has developed two access control solutions. Both systems are 100% browser-based and require no software installation. The Access Control Manager (ACM) solution is available for larger-scale companies. The software is designed to help you focus on securing your people, property and assets, while giving you the flexibility to respond to alerts wherever you are.

ACM can be integrated with open-field hardware from leading manufacturers while software integrations enable wireless locks, biometrics, intrusion panel management, video verification and visitor management.

For smaller businesses Avigilon has also developed the ACM Embedded Controller designed for securing up to 16 access doors. The familiar interface helps make it quick to learn and understand using any mobile device or PC with an internet connection.

No server is required for this solution as the ACM software is factory-installed on the controller. The navigation structure of the software is easy to understand and you’re never more than two clicks away from most operations.

If you want further support with managing your site and improving its security Avigilon’s access control solutions have the advantage that they integrate with Avigilon Control Center, its video management software so you can have a fully integrated access control and CCTV system.

Ecl-ips is a well-established Avigilon partner and the engineering team is fully trained in both Avigilon CCTV and its access control solutions as well as the ACC software. If you want to know more about how these Avigilon solutions will help you contact us.