Paxton10: Paxton makes improvements with software updates

Improvements made to integrated CCTV and access control solution

Paxton10 software updatesPaxton10 software updates

UK access control manufacturer, Paxton, has released software updates for its access control and video management solution, Paxton10, in recent months to ensure customers get the best possible user experience.

The latest update, Paxton10 v3.02 sr13 was released at the end of July. Those with the system should have been prompted to update but it is important to make sure all of your Paxton10 sites are running the latest version of the software.

Ecl-ips is a well-established Paxton partner and has been able to offer Paxton10 since its launch last year. While Ecl-ips has the expertise to integrate your CCTV and access control systems Paxton10 combines both technologies into one product to remove any complexity and deliver the benefits of a completely integrated solution.

Once access control and video management has been installed you can manage who has access to your building and when, from the same software that provides video footage of what happens on site.

All doors on the system will lock automatically and will only open when an authorised access token is presented. Should a forced entry attempt be made, the surveillance cameras will capture the event and alert the system administrator.

Paxton10’s modular, one door controller architecture provides a cost-effective solution that supports camera and door management from a single controller. One server can support up to 1000 doors across multiple sites. One controller is required for each door on the system. One to four third party IP cameras can be controlled from a single video controller.

Ecl-ips offers the full range of Paxton access control solutions and has just revamped its Paxton web page to better show case what we can offer. This includes Paxton10, PaxLock and the Net2 solution highlighting the developments in Net2 to help combat the transmission of COVID-19.

If you want more advice on the latest Paxton10 software updates, integrating your CCTV and access control systems or Paxton’s access control solutions please contact us.