Security Solutions for your Construction Project

security solutions for constructionsecurity solutions for construction

If you are managing a new build or major refurbishment have you considered the range of security solutions available?

We believe thinking about the security, safeguarding and protection of users of any building, whether a residential or commercial space should be fundamental in any consideration of its design.

If you are in charge of a large construction project, whether that is for a commercial or residential building, considering the user experience once it is completed is very important. While you are likely to be under pressure to keep costs down, this needs to be set against the long-term value and the benefits of developing buildings that will prevent residents, commercial and other users spending more in the future.

At the beginning of any project you will be looking to specify, access control, CCTV and intruder alarm systems. We can help and partner with M&E consultants and others to support their construction project and deliver bespoke security solutions that are specifically designed to meet their project needs.

Access Control

Our access control products offer the latest solutions that make it easy for building and facilities managers to manage access for all.

The advantages of using an electronic access control system include:

  • the ability to monitor real time activity,
  • staff time keeping
  • emergency evacuation call lists
  • secure room access activity logs
  • the ability to unlock doors remotely or via schedule
  • provide occupancy levels

Intruder Alarms

Whether your construction project is a new build or a renovation, understanding what is required from an intruder alarm system is important.

We recently installed an intruder alarm system for Atmos VR when it was developing its In a Box 3 virtual reality venue in Birmingham. This was a security feature stipulated by its insurance company, Aviva. We were able to work around the building project and install the grade 3 Orisec intruder alarm system to the customers’ satisfaction even though not all of the venue’s spaces had been completed.

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems provide security and can assist with health and safety compliance.  When planning the construction of a new-build or carrying out a renovation it is important to consider if there is a need for a CCTV system. We believe if we are involved early on in a project we can ensure all the IT network issues are in place so that the installation goes smoothly.

When Gtech first moved into its larger Worcester headquarters it soon became apparent that a more advanced and comprehensive CCTV system would be required.

Internal cameras were installed within the customer service areas. An Avigilon Fisheye Camera was placed in the training area to give a 360-degree view and audio recording. Dome and bullet cameras were supplied to complete the CCTV solution. Two Avigilon servers and the Avigilon Control Center software were also installed.

CCTV can provide a large number of functions within buildings depending on their purpose. If these are considered at the time of construction it will mean a more effective system.

Get in touch – we’ll be happy to help

Our business development manager Peter Coughlin has experience of the construction industry and would be delighted to show you the security solutions we can offer to ensure that the end users – whether they are commercial or residential – have the best experience of their new work or living space. Please contact us to organise a CPD, a security review or book a meeting.