Vape detection and more: Check out the Halo Smart Sensor 3C

Enhanced features will help you in an emergency

Halo 3c vape detection, protect visitorsHalo 3c vape detection, protect visitors

If you need an advanced vape detector that can also provide protection in an emergency situation then the Halo Smart Sensor 3C is the perfect solution.

IPVideo Corporation, the US manufacturer of the successful HALO Smart Sensor 2C, has added to the features of the HALO. This means even in areas, such as toilets and changing rooms, you can have an expanded level of security and monitoring within a single discreet device.

We have had a great deal of interest in the HALO from schools and many have installed the devices, including Baxter College in Kidderminster, and others will be receiving deliveries from us soon. This is in response to the growing problem of vaping among young people and the recognition within schools, but also by government and local authorities, that this needs to be tackled.

However, the HALO is an advanced monitoring device which can be used more broadly as a health and safety monitoring device. With the additional features of the HALO Smart Sensor 3C we believe these devices could be beneficial for healthcare settings, sports stadiums and retail centres.

Key Features of the HALO Smart Sensor 2C

  • Vape Detector: Detection of vape, vape masking and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is contained in cannabis and can be vaped or smoked. This includes detection of heat not burn vapes these are generally the disposable vapes which have become increasingly popular and would not be detected by an air quality sensor.
  • Health Monitoring: protects people from infectious diseases, dangers of poor ventilation and bad air quality. The device will detect Carbon Monoxide; Carbon Dioxide; relative humidity; temperature; particulates; total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), particulates and dangerous chemicals
  • Safety Monitoring: Detection of abnormal noise levels to sense for aggression, recognition of five keywords that are used to call for help and tamper protection to stop destruction of the device
  • Tamper Alert: Prevents vandalism and interference with the device – this can be an audible alarm or an audible tamper siren.

The HALO Smart Sensor 3C has all the existing features and exciting additions

  • Emergency Escape and Alert Lighting: LED coloured lighting options that can be programmed to show escape routes for safety such as a red, yellow, and green pattern. You can create unique colours for different alerts such as purple for Air Quality alerts or blue for Health alerts. The lights themselves are projected onto the ceiling around the HALO for extended visibility. This feature would be useful within accessible toilets or emergency exit tunnels that might otherwise be difficult to escape from.
  • Motion Detection: Identify and alert on movement for occupancy and trespassing. This allows you to have even greater surveillance of your premises beyond that provided by CCTV.
  • Panic Button: Users can trigger alerts via an external 3rd party panic button or via the HALO cloud app. The location of the trigger is associated to the HALO device in closest proximity. This can support people in healthcare settings, for example.
  • Occupancy and People Counting: Identify how many people are within the HALO location and configure to alert on abnormalities. This feature is available just on the HALO 3C-PC.

Enhanced HALO Cloud and mobile device app

The new mobile device app means that push notifications can be received on smart phones and they can be used to trigger the panic button and view indoor air quality information for the room being occupied. This enhancement of HALO Cloud makes keeping track of the monitoring easier than ever.

Additionally, these devices can be linked in with your CCTV system so your security and safety measures are more integrated. We are experts in the Avigilon CCTV solutions that are available as on-premise or cloud solutions, that will both integrate with the HALO Smart Sensor.

We can support you to choose the right monitoring and detection device so you can keep more people safe and detect inappropriate vaping. To find out more about the benefits of the HALO Smart Sensor 3C contact us.