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Mobotix currently offers five standard lenses with M14 thread from the L25 Super Wide Angle lens with a 22 mm focal length through to the L135 Telephoto lens with a 135 mm focal length (equivalent to 35 mm camera). Since Mobotix cameras are backlight-proof, they do not require a mechanical auto iris, making them extremely robust and maintenance-free.

  • L25 Super Wide Angle with 82◦ image angle (horizontal)
  • L38 Wide Angle with 55◦ image angle (horizontal)
  • L51 Wide Angle with 40◦ image angle (horizontal)
  • L76 Telephoto with 27◦ image angle (horizontal)
  • L160 Telephoto with 13◦ image angle (horizontal)

Lenses for Mobotix cameras with 5MP sensor. 

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L160, L25, L38, L51, L76



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