Avigilon Control Center

Avigilon believe powerful software doesn’t have to be complicated that's why they've re-engineered Avigilon Control Center from the ground up to be easier to use with an improved system explorer, simplified software functions and more real estate dedicated to camera views.

Find small changes in large areas with sub-region thumbnail searching. Navigate quickly with camera specific event logs. Search through alarms, point-of-sale transactions, license plates and bookmarks faster than ever.

ACC was designed with openness in mind, ACC video management software allows you to easily integrate with other leading camera and hardware manufactures.  Individual Product Details Here

Integrate Avigilon with existing legacy systems, including access control and building management. The distributed architecture with .NET based API makes it easy. Operate and maintain a single interface and save on training and maintenance costs.

ACC Mobile lets you monitor your system remotely over any wireless IP network using any Apple or Android device and view live and recorded video from any location with a wireless connection reducing response times.

  • Zoom in on objects to get unparalleled image detail.
  • Read numberplates from across a car park.
  • Get evidence-quality facial recognition.
  • All with Avigilon Control Center and HDSM technology.

To watch videos in order to get an exclusive inside look into some of the processes, methodologies and technologies used by Avigilon’s team of world-class engineers to create Avigilon Control Center 5, our award-winning video management software that was built from the ground up to manage high-definition video please click here

ACC 5.0 Product Overview

ACC 5.0 Product Overview

Avigilon Control Center 5.0 Datasheet

Avigilon Control Center 5.0 Datasheet

Avigilon High Resolution Security Cameras

Getting Started with Avigilon Control Center 5.0 Client

Monitoring Video in the Avigilon Control Center Client

Investigating Events in the Avigilon Control Center Client

Avigilon Control Center 5.0 – Collaborative Investigations

Avigilon Control Center 5.0 – Crash-proof Enterprise Server Management

Avigilon Control Center 5.0 – Intelligent Virtual Matrix

Avigilon Control Center 6.0 – Appearance Search

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