Back into Lockdown: Ecl-ips remains open for business

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We are going back into lockdown for a month but just as before Ecl-ips remains open for business even if some members of staff are working from home. This means supporting customers in all sectors, remotely if possible, but on site if absolutely necessary, and keeping to Covid-Secure rules.

As we go back into lockdown If your premises are being left empty for longer periods again then you may want to make sure that your intruder alarm, CCTV and access control systems are working properly.

Additionally, if you have modern IP CCTV you will be able to remotely monitor your premises on a mobile or desktop device. Therefore, businesses should ensure that their CCTV installer has provided the necessary software so staff can monitor the CCTV images. Alternatively, a CCTV firm can provide the remote monitoring service for you.

Ecl-ips can support our customers to ensure they have the means to monitor CCTV and access control systems on a mobile or desktop remotely. Our preferred partner for CCTV is Avigilon which has developed an easy to use video management software, Avigilon Control Center, which can operate in a web browser via Avigilon Cloud Services as well as on mobile devices using ACC Mobile 3.

Electronic access control systems, such as Paxton Net2 software, are also available as web-based versions which can be accessed remotely wherever you have an internet connection. These systems can be integrated with intruder alarms so can give you added peace of mind if you have had to lock up your business premises.

Meanwhile, essential retailers and other businesses that are remaining open during the lockdown period may want to take advantage of the new software features and CCTV solutions that have been developed by Avigilon and Paxton in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

These are Avigilon’s H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature (ETD) solution, occupancy counting for premises, as well as solutions to help enforce rules on social distancing and the wearing of face coverings. Additionally, body-worn cameras can be integrated with the software and can support staff enforcing COVID-19 guidelines so they feel safer dealing with the public. Paxton, meanwhile, has developed checkpoint control and occupancy management features within its Net2 software to support social distancing within buildings.

Although these remain challenging times Ecl-ips can support your business to be safe and secure during this lockdown, and while Covid-19 restrictions continue, so please get in touch.