CCTV: Protecting your manufacturing or distribution facility

How having CCTV cameras installed will help your business...


If you operate a manufacturing business or other form of large commercial site used for distribution or packing then keeping track of staff and monitoring dangerous areas or car parks is important. If you haven’t yet invested in an IP CCTV system the latest advances mean this is a great time to make the move.

Key areas a CCTV system can help you with

Camera analytics: Providing a new dimension to CCTV

HD cameras will of course be able to give you a clear birds eye overview of your business and that in itself will be able to give you peace of mind when you are both on and off the property.

Analytics will bring a whole new dimension to your camera system and allow you to free up your time and others around you who may be monitoring various parts of the day to day running of your business.  For instance a CCTV camera with analytics will be able to tell you when someone is going into an area that is strictly forbidden.  Analytic cameras can tell the difference between humans and vehicles, and in the latest Avigilon advances can distinguish between specific individuals and types of vehicles.

When your business is at its most vulnerable, maybe out of hours, your analytics camera will be able to alert you should you have anybody loitering in a specific area.

Experience at a Midlands Manufacturing plant

We have worked with a Midlands-based manufacturer since 2015 integrating and improving their original analogue-based CCTV system. Since then Ecl-ips has replaced analogue cameras with IP cameras and provided new cameras by using the flexible Avigilon CCTV and video management system. Work on the manufacturing site has included installing CCTV cameras in the factory’s paint shop. The manufacturer has adopted an automated system for painting its products and these cameras monitor the process. This allows the company to be quickly made aware of machine failure or blockages. Additionally,  CCTV has been fitted in the factory’s automatic forklift truck operating area to provide health and safety monitoring for staff.

We offer a week’s free trial of the Avigilon CCTV system so if you want an insight into what the cameras can do for you please get in touch.