Ecl-ips: Providing comprehensive CCTV solutions to schools

We worked with Chipping Campden School to update their system


Ecl-ips is a specialist in providing comprehensive CCTV solutions to schools both in the independent and state sector.

Like many schools we have worked with the Chipping Campden School had an analogue camera system that needed updating. This need gave the school the opportunity to look again at their requirements. Looking forward the school wanted to have a more comprehensive campus-wide CCTV solution.

Integration of analogue cameras into the Avigilon CCTV system

An existing school supplier recommended to Rhys Froggatt at Chipping Campden, that he speak to Aaron Kernaghan, the Managing Director of Ecl-ips. Before providing a detailed proposal, Ecl-ips took time to understand Chipping Campden’s needs and planned to make the best use of the site’s network infrastructure. Ecl-ips designed a solution that integrated the existing working and usable analogue cameras but also included a mixture of Avigilon H4A and H4SL cameras.

The previous analogue system had recorded its footage on to a server in the business managers office.  The school requested that the recording should be based in a more secure location. It was also very important that live viewing or retrieval of footage should be available to authorised users of the systems across the school campus on PC and iPad client devices.

A mixture of cameras installed to provide a complete solution

Ecl-ips installed a mixture of Avigilon H4SL Cameras dome cameras, H4A dome cameras, H4M Mini domes and H.264 Encoders. An Avigilon Fisheye camera was installed in the reception area to meet a requirement for the footage there to include audio.

Rhys, Director of Digital Strategy at Chipping Campden, said, “We had a need, I asked around for some recommendations, asked for a site survey and quotation, Ecl-ips gave a competitive and comprehensive quote which we were able to phase to meet our budget requirements.

“Don’t try and do it yourself -call the professionals. Spend money on the infrastructure first then add more cameras as and when you can. Electricians are not CCTV specialists!”

If you are a business manager or IT manager for a school and you know your CCTV needs updating we can show you how over the time we can provide the fully updated CCTV system you require. If you would like a free audit of your existing system or if you want to try out the Avigilon CCTV and video management system on a week’s free trial contact us.