Ecl-ips has achieved the SafeContractor accreditation

Accreditation shows we take health and safety seriously


Ecl-ips is very proud to have achieved the SafeContractor accreditation once again. By being SafeContractor approved we can show our clients that our health and safety documentation is up to date and meets recognised industry standards. We are on an approved list of contractors who are Health & Safety accredited, reducing the risks to our customers.

Reducing health and safety risks for customers

It means that when we tender for work we can prove to potential clients that Ecl-ips takes health and safety seriously and meets the legal requirements in this area. SafeContractor has more than 200 clients, many of which are household names, with almost a third in the FTSE 100.

The SafeContractor accreditation is run by the Alcumus Group which supports Ecl-ips, and the other 3,000 contractors that are part of the accreditation scheme. It boasts the largest UK-based, in-house team of health and safety auditors, dedicated to ensuring that companies like ours are fit for audit by helping us through our journey to accreditation. The Alcumus  Group has an online contractor management system, which helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to compliance and helps them to do this by providing the health and safety accreditation. Additionally, the Alcumus Group provides health and safety training to companies.

CCTV: A health and safety tool

Meanwhile, if you would like to improve your own health and safety compliance CCTV can be an excellent tool to mitigate the risks around employee accidents and minimise disruption and damage in your supply chain. Modern CCTV systems allow around-the-clock remote monitoring via mobile networks, which can be very useful in order to prevent intrusion and damages.  With the help of analytics you can also monitor track abnormalities or potential hazards in certain zones, by using monitoring equipment you can ensure that costly accidents do not happen in and around your factory. Ecl-ips can advise you on the best CCTV solution to meet your needs.

If you want to know more about how we can help you in any aspect of your environmental and security threat management needs contact us.


SafeContractor Certificate