Support Vulnerable Family Members: Orisec App Can Help

Ecl-ips can offer the Orisec App as part of its intruder alarm solutions

Family Care Orisec AppFamily Care Orisec App

The Lockdown caused by the need to reduce spread of Covid-19 may mean you can not visit vulnerable family members if you do not live close to them and if you find they are not picking up phone calls or messages you may get concerned.

Intruder alarm technology firm, Orisec, has developed a function within its app, that we offer, that could help. Their family care feature within the app means you can keep a check on your loved ones without invading their privacy.

Being able to discreetly keep an eye on elderly or other vulnerable family members is a good feature at any time and the app will send you an alert if it picks up that there has been no activity at your relative’s home within a programmable timeframe. This will allow you to seek help and get someone to check on your relative if you are not able to travel to their house yourself.

The Orisec app additionally has all the other advanced features you would expect from a modern intruder alarm system. This means you can:

  • Set and unset your alarm system remotely
  • Receive notifications if the intruder alarm or other detectors pick up a break-in, fire, flood etc.
  • Remotely Control other security systems or barriers such as garage doors, gates, CCTV or lights if they have been connected to your intruder alarm system

Ecl-ips has selected Orisec as one of its intruder alarm system suppliers because of the advanced technology which, as well as its app, includes its cloud portal to enable remote maintenance. This means we can more efficiently support your system while you can have access to maintenance records as well as having maintenance reports emailed directly to you.

We believe the family care feature from Orisec could provide peace of mind to many homeowners. However, we also offer intruder alarms to businesses and other organisations, such as schools. Whatever your situation while you may not want us to visit you right now you can discuss your needs online with us and can book this at a time to suit you. You will find our friendly and specialist team is ready to support you.