Trainee Project Engineer Matteo joins the team

He will be learning about our security and monitoring solutions

Matteo Pic CroppedMatteo Pic Cropped

We are really excited to welcome our newest recruit, Trainee Project Engineer Matteo Wright-Jarrard, to our operations team.

He achieved a BSc Hons in High-speed rail & infrastructure from Sheffield Hallam University. Through his coursework and practical experience during the completion of his degree, he was able to develop his problem-solving skills, gaining proficiency in identifying and analysing complex issues using a systematic approach.

Additionally, his university education provided him with ample opportunities to design and develop solutions to real-world problems. By engaging in design thinking and prototyping, he learned to create innovative solutions that could address complex challenges faced by industries and society as a whole. He said that his university education helped him to become a well-rounded engineer with a strong foundation in problem-solving and design.

During his free time, Matteo likes to explore his interests in emerging technology by tinkering with new tools such as 3D printers and artificial intelligence. As a curious and tech-savvy individual, he is always on the lookout for innovative and cutting-edge technology that he can experiment with.

Through his hobby of tinkering with these tools, he is able to stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology and explore their potential uses. This not only satisfies his passion for exploring the possibilities of technology, but it also helps him develop a deep understanding of the practical applications of these tools in various industries. Matteo’s fascination with technology is a testament to his curious and innovative nature, which is sure to serve him well as he continues to grow and develop in his career.

Now we are delighted to give him training in the complete range of advanced security and monitoring solutions we offer so that he becomes a fully-fledged project engineer as part of our operations team. As we pride ourselves in selecting partners and products that use the latest technology to help customers with their surveillance and monitoring needs Matteo will be a great asset to us.

Alongside his passion for emerging technologies Matteo also dedicates his spare time to working with his local community to tackle social issues surrounding young people with disabilities.

We are pleased that Matteo has joined us. However, we are still looking for more recruits including engineers and business development professionals as our company expands. You can find details of all our vacancies on our website.