Vape detection: Choose the HALO Smart Sensor

We are pleased to offer this advanced monitoring device

Halo Smart Sensor no subscription vape detectionHalo Smart Sensor no subscription vape detection

The HALO Smart Sensor is one of a number of products that are marketed as providing vape detection. However, as we remind people who get in touch there are some key differences that make the HALO stand out from its rivals, which is important when you are looking at the prices that might be quoted.

Top Reason for choosing the HALO: it works!

When you are buying a product, you always want to be sure it works and is reliable. We were introduced to the HALO through our partnership with North American CCTV manufacturer Avigilon, part of Motorola Solutions. However, we soon identified the huge potential of this smart sensor in the UK market and decided to work with IPVideo Corporation, the US developer and manufacturer, directly.

By 2021, HALO had won over 60 product awards and was in over 1,500 school districts across the US and testimonials from American schools indicated it was helping to combat that country’s “vaping epidemic”.

Interest in the HALO by UK schools increased during 2022 pushed by the experience they have had of rising numbers of students vaping and local authorities recognising that youth vaping needed to be addressed. Since we have installed the HALO Smart Sensors in schools, they can see that they work and can help them manage the problem. One of our early customers, a college in south-west England, soon bought an extra HALO.

The IT manager at the school said: ““After the initial success with the first Halo Vape Sensor, we had installed, the pupils have moved location which was always going to be the case. We would now like another one installed in one of the female toilets. The system is working well, we are really pleased.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Carpenter, head teacher at Baxter College, was so pleased with the improvements seen since the HALO smart sensors were installed that he has spread the word to other schools in Worcestershire and was happy to promote them within the media, which has led to national coverage by the BBC and Sunday Times.

The HALO has truly smart vape detection

HALO manufacturer, IPVideo Corporation, states that it is the only vape detector on the market that is able to trace THC oil given off by vapes, along with the other traditional smoking methods. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is found in cannabis/ marijuana and is an illegal substance in the UK. A dynamic vape detection algorithm is used by the HALO to learn about the environment and alert when vaping is detected.  This smart technology means the HALO is the only product that can alert and differentiate between vaping, vaping with THC, and intentionally masking vaping, for  example, by using aerosols to cover up vaping.

It has the most comprehensive health monitoring of all the smart sensors and has the added benefit of further protecting people through its detecting of abnormal noise levels and picking up keywords which could signal an emergency situation. The HALO is the only major vape and health detector that integrates with other systems like this.

Detection of abnormal noise levels and cries for help

Schools are often finding that it is not just the vaping itself, it is the anti-social behaviour that can be associated with this that also becomes a problem. This means other pupils become worried about going to the toilets and there is more noise caused when several children congregate and sometimes toilet blocks become vandalised.

These were the issues faced by Matthew Carpenter, Principal at Baxter College who found that tracking down the students who were causing the most problems was a challenge. With the ability to detect loud noises, which could also suggest aggression between students, the school got notifications quickly. When this was combined with CCTV near toilet blocks the perpetrators were dealt with more easily. Additionally, if students try to tamper with the device they will not be able to damage it because it has a IK 10 rating making it vandal resistant.

Matthew said: “You will receive a significant number of alerts and need to be able to respond quickly. I would also recommend pairing the sensor with a CCTV camera near the entrance to the toilet so you can quickly identify students who were in the toilets and considering a wand-style metal detector to support checking coats and bags.”

Real-time notifications and an open system mean monitoring is simple

The HALO is always providing vape detection with no delay in event notifications and alerts. Notifications can be received by email or, with an additional integration, by text message.

Unlike other vape detectors the HALO is a standalone device so once you have bought and installed it you are not obliged to have any ongoing costs. We will take care of setting up the HALO Smart Sensor for you, including ensuring the latest firmware is up to date and that all your requirements for detection are set up correctly. Then the sensor will literally work out of the box once plugged into the POE cable.

If you have multiple devices it could be worth investing in a subscription for HALO Cloud as this will give you an online dashboard allowing to see all the notifications from the devices in one place and means you can see historical data but this is your choice.

The other great advantage of the HALO smart sensor is that it is an open API device meaning it is easy to connect to other software. It can also integrate with other security systems like CCTV, including Avigilon Control Center. The notifications from the HALO can then be received within these third-party systems. We offer a range of security and monitoring solutions but where we can we aim to integrate these to give you a better user experience.

Why should you choose the Halo?

 If you choose the HALO, you will obtain not just a vape detector, but the most effective vape detection system on the market with the added benefit of being able to detect THC and vape masking as well as being vandal resistant. Additionally, it can integrate with other software to help you manage notifications more easily. So, if you are looking for a discreet and powerful way to help combat vaping among young people who are at risk of harm whether in schools, or other places, then please get in touch.