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  • Eglinton Primary

    Eglinton Primary School and Early Years Centre

    Customer: Eglinton Primary School and Early Years Centre Location: South East London Requirement: HD CCTV System to upgrade the school’s security provision and allow its security team to make full use of the system both within the school and remotely. Solution: Avigilon H4A & SL Cameras, Avigilon Server, Avigilon Workstation, Avigilon Control Centre Video Management Software Services:…

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  • Gtech


    Gtech needed to protect their new Head Quarters with a HD CCTV system. Ecl-ips came up with a security solution which has since captured a number of incidents including: evidence of vandalism, accidental damage and theft of cycles. 

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  • Regency High School in Worcestershire needed a security solution

    Regency High School

    Regency High School needed to integrate their existing systems with new cameras. Their CCTV system was managed by an external contractor who failed to consistently maintain their systems. Ecl-ips were able to establish the limitations of the existing system and came up with one integrated solution that would best fit the school to meet their security needs and budget requirements.

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  • Arden Academy

    Arden Academy

    Arden’s existing analogue CCTV system wasn’t fit for purpose. They couldn’t guarantee that if an incident took place that they would be able to capture and play it back. Ecl-ips advised that they upgrade to an Avigilon HD CCTV system and carried out the installation during the summer holidays. The difference it made was “massive”.

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  • Little Aston Primary School

    Little Aston Primary School

    Little Aston Primary School had an outdated CCTV system. Not all cameras were working and the school was not sufficiently covered. Ecl-ips upgraded Little Aston’s CCTV coverage from analogue to High Resolution IP and installed 9 cameras for complete coverage inside and outside of the school.

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  • T A Savery & Co Ltd

    T A Savery & Co Ltd

    Ecl-ips had a very clear brief, which was to capture the construction of the world’s tallest elevator buffer testing tower. A weatherproof, external camera was needed to capture every element of the tower’s construction from top to bottom without needing to be re-positioned. Once completed, this camera, along with two additional cameras, needed to be installed inside the tower so they could be used in a testing capacity.

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  • Anglesey Primary School

    Anglesey Primary School

    Anglesey Primary School had two analogue CCTV camera systems, each with around a dozen cameras, but they did not provide the coverage needed to ensure the safety of its pupils, staff and visitors. Furthermore, because footage from the cameras could only be stored for a couple of days, it was of limited use. Following a free CCTV system trial from Ecl-ips, Anglesey chose them for their security solution upgrade.

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  • St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College

    St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College

    Thanks to Ecl-ips, the internet protocol integrator and Mayflex, St. Dominic’s has retained its old analogue cameras, added new digital IP cameras, and made its surveillance system much simpler to use.

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  • Jervoise School

    Jervoise School

    Jervoise School chooses Ecl-ips to install a day and night, high quality CCTV solution with remote access technology that will improve site security.

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  • Harrow School

    Harrow School

    Harrow School turns to Ecl-ips as it invests in the latest generation of video surveillance technology to protect its assets and create a safe and secure environment for its students and tutors.

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  • Skomer Marine Conservation Zone

    Skomer Marine Conservation Zone

    Ecl-ips installs innovative CCTV technology that will support CCW’s remit as the Government’s statutory advisor on sustaining natural beauty, wildlife and the opportunity for outdoor enjoyment in Wales and its inshore waters.

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  • JLT Group

    JLT Group

    Ecl-ips upgrades JLT Group’s diverse and difficult to manage UPS and monitoring systems to a Schneider / APC centric platform with complete power, environmental and security monitoring.

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