Mx Control Center

The Mx Control Center video management software can connect any number of cameras at any locations into a straightforward and powerful video security system with centralised or local, user-based operation and evaluation.

This advanced program, specifically tailored to the high-resolution MOBOTIX network cameras, offers a user-friendly interface and camera display, convenient video search, practical alarm handling, automatic camera integration, video storage on file servers and a useful configuration and update assistant.

Professional Video Management

  • Proven many times over worldwide in the most demanding video applications
  • Unlimited number of users and cameras, no license fee
  • Individual user interface, adaptable to each individual user
  • Simplest installation and complete use on any standard PC
  • Convenient layout editor for integrating real building plans
  • Integration of conventional network and analog cameras as well
  • Export recordings to AVI and Quicktime as H.264 video with sound
  • 100% free of charge

CCTV systemsOnce again, the decentralised camera technology plays a part as the system advantage of decisive importance. Because the MOBOTIX cameras and not the video management software perform the computational work (e.g. movement detection, recording, storage, etc.), MxCC needs only one standard PC with a monitor as the hardware platform.

The modern system configuration based on the Internet Protocol (IP) can set up and manage security projects of any size extremely economically using standardised network components and connection paths that are usually already available.

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