APC NetBotz Particle Sensor PS100APC NetBotz Particle Sensor PS100

APC NetBotz Particle Sensor PS100 – NBES0201

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NetBotz PS100 Particle Sensor (NBES0201) enables your NetBotz appliance to monitor a location for the presence or dust and other particulates larger than 1 micro meter. *This external sensor can be used only with a NetBotz 320, NetBotz 420, or NetBotz Sensor Pod 120 connected to a NetBotz 420 or NetBotz 500. Use of this sensor with other NetBotz appliances is not supported.

Requires NetBotz Sensor Pod 120 which is compatible with select NetBotz appliances.

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APC NetBotz PS100 Particle Sensor – NBES0201  APC NetBotz PS100 Particle Sensor – NBES0201