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The Mobotix ExtIO is the weatherproof, compact expansion and connection box for connecting all Mobotix cameras (IT and Secure models). This box expands the cameras by a powerful audio unit with microphone and speaker, a passive-Infrared detector, an external temperature sensor, an illumination sensor as well as two signal inputs and two signal outputs. The two large buttons on the unit allow easily implementing door and gate communication solutions. You can attach external sensors to the Mobotix camera via the ExtIO, e.g. to evaluate remote sensors, such as light barriers, reed switches, external PIR sensors or the output of an alarm.

You can easily mount the Mobotix ExtIO remotely to a Mobotix camera inside of a building or outside, to a wall or ceiling. Its weatherproof housing (IP65) reliably protects the ExtIO against any kind of weather. The connection to the Mobotix camera can be established using either the LAN (Ethernet cabling) or a special Mobotix USB cable (specific for each camera model; max. 5m/16ft long). In both cases, the camera’s power supply uses the cable (LAN/PoE or USB). As power is supplied via the cabling, the ExtIO does not require its own power supply.

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