Avigilon AI NVR: software updates improve analytics features

Even without analytics cameras you can have CCTV that will help you retrieve footage more easily

Avigilon AI Nvr4 Standard analytical powerAvigilon AI Nvr4 Standard analytical power

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to obtain advanced video analytics for your CCTV system then the Avigilon Artificial Intelligence Network Video Recorder (AI NVR) could be the answer. With recent updates to Avigilon’s video management software the AI NVR is more useful than ever.

As explained in our earlier blog, in what is a first for Avigilon the AI NVR brings analytical features to non-analytical CCTV cameras as long as they are ONVIF compliant. Additionally, it also brings the analytical and recording features together in a single piece of hardware for the first time which will save space in IT racks. Find out more about the benefits of the AI NVR in this video from Ecl-ips.

ACC7 update increases analytics capabilities of AI NVR

Now the latest update to the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, ACC 7.12.4, means there is a 20% increase in the number of non-analytic cameras that can run Classified Object Detection (COD).  This is the ability to classify more than 50 objects. The analytics capability means it can pick out people as well as types of vehicles including cars, lorries, buses, motorcycles and bicycles.

The use of COD improves the performance of the Avigilon Appearance Search technology so that people and vehicles are identified even in crowded spaces regardless of whether they are moving or stationary. So, if you spot a person wearing a green jumper and black trousers acting suspiciously on your property instead of searching through hours of footage you need only to search on these key features and you will soon find where and when they appear.

The ACC7 software update means the AI NVR Standard model can now support 12 channels, compared with 10 previously, while AI NVR Value can now support 6 channels, up from 5 when the product was launched. Additionally, the AI NVR Standard has a new performance kit to double the analytics capacity, allowing you to run COD on up to 25 non-analytic cameras.

NIC Teaming now supported improving network resilience

In a further advance the AI NVR can now support Network Interface Card (NIC) teaming. This ability should simplify and increase the resiliency of your network. The major benefits of NIC teaming are load balancing or redistributing traffic over networks and ensuring network continuity in the event of system hardware failure without the need for multiple physical connections.

The AI NVR, cameras and clients can all be remotely upgraded together with a single signed and encrypted firmware package delivered remotely and can be remotely managed with Avigilon Cloud Services. Avigilon has also developed enhanced security for the appliance. It runs a signed and encrypted operating system on a solid-state drive, offering a secure end-to-end system when used with Avigilon devices.

If you want to get the advanced analytics features offered by ACC7, but are not yet ready to install analytical cameras, then contact us to find out more.