Cattani Esam benefits from bespoke intruder alarm system

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Business park bespoke intruder alarm systemBusiness park bespoke intruder alarm system

Installing a bespoke intruder alarm system is is important if you want truly effective security for your business premises. Making sure you keep the system up to date is important too if you want to take advantage of the latest technology.

A bespoke intruder alarm system using HKC and Orisec solutions

We recently helped Worcestershire-based Cattani Esam to upgrade their security by designing a bespoke wired HKC Security intruder alarm system which included a range of sensors supplied by UK manufacturer, Orisec. Additionally, we improved their surveillance camera coverage by installing Avigilon H4 bullet cameras.

Cattani Esam supplies leading-edge, high-quality dental vacuum suction systems, across the UK. We designed and installed a Grade 2 intruder alarm system, that includes 12 months maintenance and support.

Grade 2 burglar alarm systems are designed to combat burglars with some knowledge of alarm systems and who may have tools to help them to gain entry to the site. The intruder alarm system protects all potential entry points of a building perimeter.

Additionally, to provide added peace of mind the company has remote monitoring by our standards-compliant, Alarm Receiving Centre, which allows for the Police to be notified if required.

With an HKC intruder alarm system customers can benefit from the HKC SecureComm App, which gives them control over their intruder system so it can be armed and disarmed remotely and you can receive notifications of when an alarm has been triggered.

We installed a HKC 10270 Control Panel, as well as HKC internal and external sounders. Within the premises we installed a mix of Orisec dual technology detectors, which incorporate passive infra-red and microwave sensors, and twin movement detectors, to ensure the sensors covered all the areas needed. A Grade 3 surface mounted magnetic door contact was also fitted to maximise security.

CCTV provides added protection

A surveillance camera system for a commercial premises can provide an extra layer of security. Cattani Esam needed more cameras to ensure all areas of its property. We installed additional cameras.

The company has licences for the Avigilon’s enterprise level of its advanced video management system, Avigilon Unity Video (formerly Avigilon Control Center). The company has these via a three-year plan, allowing them to benefit from improvements to the software in a timely manner, and at a predictable cost over time.

Commenting on the installation Cattani Esam director Peter Bailey said: “The new system is easy to use and now covers all areas of our property the previous company omitted. The intruder warning and recall of the video is superb. Gives us great peace of mind.”

He added, “The installation went without a hitch the cameras were placed exactly where we wanted them without being intrusive, however visible enough to deter unwanted intruders.”

We can help secure your commercial premises

We are well-established CCTV and bespoke intruder alarm system providers that will ensure the right level of protection and security is provided to suit your commercial premises. To find out more please contact us.