Ecl-ips at 20: Nicky Ayers

From hospitality industry all-rounder to sales and marketing supremo

Nicky Ayers profileNicky Ayers profile

Her background of working in the hospitality industry for 20 years really helped Nicky Ayers with the transition into working for Ecl-ips, when she joined the company in November 2014 as sales and marketing executive.

In her earlier career she had served the general public in all aspects of the hotel industry including booking and running conferences and other events and accommodation, hotel promotion, and running the business side including controlling budgets. These are all skills that Nicky has used since working at Ecl-ips.

She is now in charge of sales and marketing at Ecl-ips, including printed leaflets, PR, the website and social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as producing videos and leading on promoting us at conferences, exhibitions and networking events. However, given her wider skills and, since we are a small company, she does far more than this.   This means she continues to actively get sales and respond to sales enquiries, looks after the needs of some of our long-term clients, and provides excellent customer service when we receive support calls and enquiries, whether they are about CCTV, intruder alarms or access control.

Additionally, she is invaluable to the wider team organising company events, ordering Ecl-ips uniform to keep the operations team looking smart, and is also responsible for branding on our vehicles and other promotional material. Her invaluable knowledge and experience also means she supports with recruitment and she is helpful when we need to train new staff.

Managing Director Aaron Kernaghan, who spotted all her transferable skills when he employed her said: “Nicky hadn’t worked in marketing before but now runs the companies’ marketing department and is also a great PA for me.”

Nicky said she feels lucky to be part of a brilliant team. Through our different marketing channels, Nicky hopes to keep our clients updated with Ecl-ips news, produce case studies and carry on helping achieve the best solutions for Ecl-ips clients.

In her spare time Nicky enjoys walking the family dog, spending time with friends and family and reading.