Ecl-ips: Our integrated solutions can help you tackle COVID-19 risks

How we can help you welcome all students back in September

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Ecl-ips is both an established CCTV and access control provider and has used this expertise to provide integrated solutions to a number of schools. We pride ourselves in ensuring we offer easy-to-use software and providing school managers the training and support they need so they can get the most out of their CCTV and access control systems once we have installed them.

With the government guidance that all students should be back to schools and colleges in September, we are keen to ensure our existing customers in the education sector, as well as other schools, have access to solutions that may help mitigate any risks associated with the transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are both a partner of Avigilon and Paxton Access Control. Avigilon offers advanced CCTV cameras underpinned by its Avigilon Control Center video management system as well as its Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) access control system. Paxton is a UK access control system manufacturer.

Larger schools that may have electronic access control systems can use this technology to assist in contact tracing and feed that information, where appropriate into the UK’s track and trace programme for COVID-19.  For example, if a school staff member or student, suffers from coronavirus symptoms and needs to self-isolate and get tested, school managers could use systems such as ACM or Paxton’s Net2 software to produce an identity correlation report.

This report can be used to identify doors that have been used by staff and the date and time of that access as contaminated handles could pose a risk to transmission. Following this, all other members of staff or students that also entered or left via those doors within the timeframe that the employee used them can be contacted.

ACM can easily be integrated into Avigilon’s CCTV system, and Net2 also allows for integration with CCTV systems. The additional data provided by the camera footage can also be used to track people within the building that may have come into contact with that employee. If CCTV users also have identity search or appearance search within their ACC system, they will be able to pick out the infected employee more easily.

Meanwhile Paxton’s Net2 access control software has been enhanced to include an occupancy management feature that may help in larger school and college campuses. This will allow employers or facilities managers to limit the number of people in any given area of their building; either barring access or sending an email/text to the manager when a space nears capacity. It will work across multiple areas of a site and can be set to operate a one in, one out system to support social distancing measures.

In a recent Net2 upgrade Paxton also added functionality that made remote monitoring of sites safer and more effective than ever. By using Net2Online and the Paxton Connect app building managers can reduce the amount of physical contact required for people to access buildings, but also make remote management and the security of schools more straightforward.

When this access control system technology is offered along with CCTV advances from Avigilon, such as occupancy counting and detection of social distancing breaches, there are a broad range of integrated solutions Ecl-ips can provide for schools. If you want to know more contact us.