Ecl-ips keeping your child safe!

Keeping your child safe with Access Control and CCTV


Keep an eye on children with CCTV

Appliance (1)

  • Cover all entrances, exits and blind spots
  • Easily retrievable images and footage
  • Able to identify unwanted visitors
  • Monitor from a Health & Safety aspect
  • Act as a deterrent to reduce bullying and vandalism
  • Monitor high traffic areas, inside and out
  • Be alerted of people or objects in forbidden areas
  • Remotely monitor the site


Keep an electronic lock on it!


Access control can help you …


  • Restricted Access unless authorised
  • Monitor any guests coming in and out of the building
  • Monitor vehicles coming in and out of the gates or car parks
  • Keeping chemical stores safe with restricted access
  • Lockable dangerous areas such as swimming pools


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