Global access control reader market expanding

Ecl-ips ready to meet growth in the UK

business expands access controlbusiness expands access control

The global access control reader market is expected to grow to £4.37 billion ($5.4 billion) by 2024 from £2.42 billion ($2.7 billion) this year with a compound annual growth rate of 12.5% in those five years, according to a new report available from

The report covers the markets in card-based readers, biometrics readers, and multi-technology readers across the commercial, government, and residential sectors. There are country-specific breakdowns of the markets within the regional analysis of the Americas, Europe, the Asian-Pacific region and the rest of the world.

Urbanisation encourages access control market growth globally

Looking globally the report suggests that increased urbanisation, through the development of smart cities in economies such as India and China, is expected to provide significant growth opportunities to players in the access control reader market. In these economies, the concentration of industrial development in cities leads to a growing demand for infrastructure and is expected to boost the demand for advanced biometric solutions and smart cards, the report predicts.

Prediction that UK market will continue to expand

The report suggests that the UK’s access control reader market is expected to grow at “a significant rate” between 2019 and 2024. As an access control specialist working in the UK commercial and educational sector, Ecl-ips is anticipating that its product range will mean that the company can help to grow the UK market as is forecast by the report.

Our two principle access control partners, Avigilon, and Paxton Access are profiled within the report. Canadian-based Avigilon is a Motorola Solutions company and is also our main CCTV partner. Paxton, is a UK manufacturer of electronic access control systems, which supplies the Net2 range of network connected access control systems.

Ecl-ips is always ensuring that, working with its established partners and by developing new relationships where necessary, it can offer new and existing clients the best access control solutions on the market. For more information on the access control solutions that we offer please contact us.