Avigilon H5M Camera: an advanced and robust CCTV solution

Avigilon H5M effective CCTVAvigilon H5M effective CCTV

If you are looking for a robust and advanced CCTV solution, we can offer the Avigilon H5M dome camera which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

H5M: A CCTV camera built to last

This fixed-lens CCTV camera has been designed and built for budget-conscious video surveillance projects.  You have a choice of image quality of 2 or 5 megapixels, with the 5MP camera most suitable if you need an effective outdoor CCTV solution.

The Avigilon H5M dome camera can handle rough weather conditions having achieved the IP66 weather rating standard. It has also been awarded the IK08 impact rating for vandal resistance so is tough enough to stand up against human interference. This makes it a robust surveillance camera for both exposed country locations or town centre buildings.

Additionally, the H5M camera is able to operate in poor light conditions due to Avigilon’s lightcatcher technology. Meanwhile, its dual exposure wide dynamic range, mean the camera captures details in scenes with both very bright and dark areas.

AI technology provides advanced analytics

As well as being able to handle tough environmental conditions the H5M camera features Avigilon’s advanced analytics technology. This means that when used alongside the advanced Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software you will be able to respond to incidents more quickly.

The H5M camera features Avigilon’s unusual motion detection, which adapts to the camera’s field of view and flags unusual motion, which can be reviewed in recorded video. The camera uses artificial intelligence (AI) to notify you of unusual events that might otherwise have been missed, offering increased situational awareness and helping you effectively monitor more cameras.

This AI technology allows the camera to self-learn to improve its analytics capabilities. Through teaching by example it provides feedback to train the device, increasing the accuracy of the analytics used to determine which notifications are real and which are false so the camera is more accurate at know when to flag up particular motion events. Find out more in this video.

Who can benefit from the H5M camera

The H5M camera is a great CCTV option for a number of sectors that need high quality CCTV but there may be other demands on their budgets.

  • Small retailers: The 2022 Crime Report by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) said there were 970,000 customer thefts reported by its members during 2021 slightly down on the 1.1m reported the previous year but still significant. This has led to a rise in spending on crime prevention by small retailers according to the ACS reports. The 2022 Crime Report stated the total spent on crime prevention had risen to £246m in 2021 up from £174m spent in 2020. CCTV is one of the main areas of spending but retailers need to consider other options such as intruder alarms and security staff. Ecl-ips can help by ensuring money directed towards CCTV and other security measures is spent wisely and making sure surveillance cameras are installed to maximum benefit inside and outside a store.
  • Schools and colleges: State schools, in particular, are working on a tight budget and will have a range of priorities. However, CCTV, along with other solutions we offer such as intruder alarms, electronic access control and the HALO Smart Sensor, can help with safeguarding as well as security. The H5M can therefore be a good option, along with other work we can do to improve CCTV systems by taking a step-by-step approach to upgrades. Take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped schools build up an effective CCTV system.
  • Companies based on business parks: Business parks contain a range of small and medium-sized companies of different types that can be targets for burglaries and vandalism as they can often be accessed easily although they may not be public areas. While these companies may want to direct spending primarily on their main business focus, high-quality CCTV will prove to be a benefit to them as it will protect their premises from vandalism and theft, saving them time and money.

Choose the H5M camera as part of our Avigilon CCTV package

We are so confident of the quality and effectiveness of the Avigilon H5M dome camera that this is the camera that we offer as part of our fixed price Avigilon CCTV packages, which give you an even more budget-friendly method of purchasing a complete Avigilon surveillance solution. We offer three different packages depending on your needs.

The packages include the Avigilon 4TB ES Appliance which has the ACC video management software built in. The appliance is literally ready to use from the box thanks to its secure Linux-based firmware and the built-in web endpoint technology that means we can set up mobile connections straight away. It also includes a built-in POE switch so you can plug directly into this to create your network.

  • The first package is designed for those who need an indoor CCTV solution so you will receive 4 Avigilon 2MP H5M dome cameras and a 4TB ES Appliance.
  • The second package provides 4 5MP H5M dome cameras as well as the 4TB ES Appliance making it ideal for monitoring around your site outdoors.
  • The third package provides a comprehensive solution if you want to monitor both outside and inside your premises – giving you 8 H5M dome Cameras in total in addition to the 4TB ES Appliance.

Contact us for your bespoke security needs

The Ecl-ips team are Avigilon specialists who test new appliances and cameras to ensure they are reliable and pride themselves on keeping up to date with the developments of the Avigilon software.

If you are working to a budget but want the advantages of a high-quality CCTV solution, we would recommend the H5M dome camera. It is also a robust camera so can be used in a range of locations. We can also advise if the CCTV packages are right for you. However, we do offer the full selection of Avigilon CCTV options so will always offer a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

We can also integrate the Avigilon CCTV system with our other security and monitoring solutions such as intruder alarms, access control and the HALO smart sensor.

If you want to know more about the H5M dome camera or any other Avigilon camera then please contact us. We will be delighted to explain the benefits an Avigilon system can bring.