HR managers: Don’t take your CCTV system for granted

CCTV is a vital tool for staff monitoring and protection

Intelligent CCTVIntelligent CCTV

Safeguarding staff and ensuring good employee conduct is a vital role of any human resources (HR) department. Increasingly CCTV monitoring of workplaces for health and safety, as well as dealing with staff misconduct, is an important tool for employers to gather the evidence they need if there are accidents or wrongdoing occurs.

Ensuring CCTV images are not compromised

As an HR manager you therefore need to be sure that the CCTV system set up around your site that monitors staff follows the correct compliance standards and that images are not compromised in any way. Most importantly if you have CCTV you need to plainly state its purpose and if you intend to use it as a staff monitoring or a health and safety tool this must be clear.

If all this sounds difficult to manage, or you would rely on your security or IT departments to meet those standards, then remember if you use CCTV footage for employment tribunals or to settle disputes and back up claims, compliance is vital.

CCTV Logbook is an easy-to-use online tool that will allow companies to upload all the information about their CCTV system and continually update this with information on upgrades and maintenance visits. Additionally, if you take out the compliance package the information on the CCTV system’s purpose and other aspects of compliance such as privacy will be accessible.

Having access to CCTV Logbook as an HR manager will ensure that any workplace CCTV monitoring meets your requirements and also ensures you can manage the system so that CCTV image quality is maintained as you will know when cameras have been cleaned and problems resolved.

CCTV and HR: Important to gain facts

This is important for you as and when incidents and accidents do occur the video footage provides evidence that can help improve the working practices of employees and contractors as well as making sure you have the facts. You can find images quickly that will show whether that person really did hurt themselves in the way they are claiming or if that accident really did happen in the way people are reporting. It could be vital if an employee makes a claim against your company at an employment tribunal and you need to have evidence to explain the decision to dismiss them.

As an HR manager don’t take your CCTV system for granted and ensure you  are actively managing so you can use it when you need to. CCTV Logbook goes live in the first quarter of 2020 so sign up for your free trial now.