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Thank you Seco Tools for a brilliant testimonial!

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We have received a glowing testimonial from Matthew Hayward Global Property Projects I.T. Co-ordinator, Seco Tools (UK) Ltd. He said: ” Aaron, the team at Ecl-ips and their UPS solution was an integral part of the implementation of our modern Communications Room. This was our first global implementation and over the 12 months the team worked hard with us in planning, procurement, delivery and implementation to achieve our goals. We look forward to future projects where I am sure Ecl-ips will play a major role.”

Ecl-ips has been instrumental in advising Seco tools on the range of power management devices available and supplying the right UPS solution. Seco understands that power failure resulting in network downtime can cost businesses substantial sums in revenue; in addition, data lost during those power failures is often not recoverable. UPS Systems instantly respond to power outages and can support equipment until mains power is available or a generator is active.

As a security solution provider whose products rely on properly functioning servers, and other IT devices, we know just how important power management is for our clients. You should already have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that is designed to provide seamless transition between mains power failure and a battery backup. However, you need to consider, as you add more IT equipment, whether the UPS you have is still powerful enough and up for the job you now require of it. Crucially you need to assess whether your current UPS could handle a strong power outage and be able to provide that vital protection for all your IT equipment and the back-up via battery power if required.

Ecl-ips provides a large range of UPS systems from 400VA to 1.6 MegaWatts.  These systems can be designed for specific needs or provided quickly in an emergency situation. Single PCs, servers and communication rooms would benefit from rack mounted or tower UPS systems. In large data centres we can provide room based UPS systems complete with power monitoring and control. Click here for a UPS Calculator to help you find a customised UPS solution.