Server Room Monitoring: a vital need for every business

There are real-time monitoring solutions available so you can concentrate on running your core business rather than fire fighting to retain business continuity

Data Centre in actionData Centre in action

For modern business having reliable IT systems is vital. Keeping these systems running at all times for staff, suppliers and customers is essential to ensure business continuity is not lost. This is particularly true as businesses roll out cloud and internet telephony technology meaning IT areas and devices need monitoring  24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all 365 days of the year to provide services that all of us take for granted.

Business premises require monitoring systems to make sure that all of the support systems are running efficiently. Early warnings of potential issues are essential to ensure that the business can operate both efficiently and effectively. Therefore monitoring is an important need for companies however, they will want a solution that means they can still focus on their core business.

This is where Ecl-ips can help by providing real-time monitoring that is comprehensive and brings together all the data collected at the touch of button. This will help the business run in an efficient manner with no lost revenue due to the heating being too low or high, the air conditioning system not working, a burst pipe flooding the server room, etc.

A broad range of server room monitoring hardware, software and services are available to provide businesses with the systems that they require to monitor these areas. The parameters include temperature, humidity/dewpoint, fluid, airflow, smoke, power, intrusion and third party devices.-monitored IT suites can expose businesses to the extent that it makes it difficult to operate without connectivity to the core IT services.



Ecl-ips can offer fully hosted systems that include server room, data centre and communication room monitoring services; power monitoring and management systems, automatic number plate recognition and facilities management integration. Among our current customers is JLT, an international group of Risk Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants. Ecl-ips hosts the monitoring system which allows both the JLT facilities team and its own help desk to monitor equipment at comms rooms across the UK and overseas.

We are a partner of Schneider Electric and offer their APC UPS solutions and APC NetBotz monitoring devices. These will be installed by our engineers who are enhanced DBS checked and also have a high level of training to deal with customer requirements whilst on-site.