Why Monitor your Comms Room?

The NetBotz intelligent edge architecture enables the integration of a number of monitoring devices with diverse protocols into a single management platform. Physical and environmental information can be integrated from virtually anywhere in the network, managed in a common format, and presented as actionable intelligence, providing a coordinated monitoring and response capability across an entire enterprise.
The result is a predictive, preventative monitoring solution that provides the advance warning necessary to prevent small issues from becoming big disasters, while increasing uptime, product lifecycle and resource efficiency.

Monitoring and controlling critical IT assets in data centers and remote locations is a key component of any preventative management strategy.  Yet physical security is often a forgotten aspect of what is otherwise a comprehensive IT security plan.

The NetBotz 570 protects a room or rows of cabinets and its valuable contents, like IT equipment, from damage due to water leaks, high or low temperatures, smoke or dust, humidity, vandalism, theft, and many more dangerous environmental and physical factors, by providing advance warning of equipment failure. Reduce downtime, respond and resolve problems quickly, analyze trends, and lower total cost with the NetBotz Rack Monitor 570.

NetBotz 570 being unboxed

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