Advanced Video Management: CCTV footage at your fingertips

Ecl-ips can demonstrate how Avigilon's software will simplify your CCTV

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Being able to view your CCTV footage easily or locate suspicious people or vehicles at a few clicks of your keyboard will transform your CCTV system.

Modern video management software, working with IP cameras loaded with analytic features, can make surveillance of your site – whether it’s for security or health and safety reasons – easier than ever.

We have revamped our website making it easier to understand why upgrading your video management software and associated CCTV cameras makes sense for a wide range of organisations, such as retailers, manufacturing and distribution businesses, schools and health care settings.

As we explain on the website, relying on video analytics to automatically monitor cameras and alert for events of interest is in many cases much more effective than reliance on a human operator, which is a costly resource with limited alertness and attention. Video analytics allow you to search through recorded CCTV footage and extract specific video segments containing an event of interest easily as well as take real-time decisions where required.

If you look at the advanced features of Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC7), the latest version of our CCTV partner’s video management software, you can see how they work in situations that could take place on your site. Additionally, ACC7 introduced Focus of Attention, an interface for CCTV operators to draw them to what is happening around the premises and to provide an overview, of events occurring across all cameras in the site, including Avigilon analytic events, alarms and where unusual movement by people or vehicles has been detected.

H5A cameras will also now analyse a camera’s scene and detect when objects (people or vehicles) are moving at an unusual speed or are present in an unusual location in the scene and send an event to ACC for presentation to an operator in Focus of Attention, or for review on the recorded timeline.

ACC7 introduced an enhanced analytical feature that not only put people and vehicle in boxes to highlight them, it also showed you what the subject is by putting a car or a person symbol at the top of the box. That means people or vehicles, that seem to be in the wrong place, can easily be detected. The latest software provides enhanced performance in crowded spaces with the ability to classify more than 50 objects with improved accuracy. Different types and colours of vehicles can also be identified.

To assist in vehicle detection Avigilon LPR analytics automatically reads licence plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video. This enables security operators to search and quickly find specific captured licence plate video for verification and investigation.

Avigilon Appearance Search meanwhile sorts through hours of CCTV footage with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site. The search technology incorporates the characteristics of a person’s face, which provides the power to search for the same person, even if items such as their clothing change over time.

Facial recognition technology has also transformed the capabilities of video management software. If you have ACC 7.4 or a higher version of the software its facial recognition technology allows you to create multiple watch lists and you can upload photographs to add an individual to a watch list.

If you want to know more about how Avigilon video management software, we offer a one-week free trial or for expert advice on how modern CCTV can help you contact us.