Are you considering CCTV for your business?

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Are you considering CCTV for your business? Modern CCTV systems consist of cameras, a storage device (that runs the management software), network cabling, Power over Ethernet switch and a viewing workstation or mobile device. Cameras can record continuously to the central storage device and be interrogated locally on a device with viewing or client software on it.

CCTV can be a benefit to a wide range of organisations

Ecl-ips provides advanced CCTV for a wide range of organisations including large private houses and estates, schools and a variety of commercial, distribution and industrial business premises. Other sites that would benefit from CCTV and we would be happy to advise on installing CCTV would be larger educational campuses such as universities and their accommodation, large retail premises as well as sporting and leisure venues.

We install CCTV to assist with Health & Safety monitoring systems as often as to solve security issues, which is the usual use for CCTV. However, when considering CCTV for your business, you need to make sure that CCTV is the only option as advised by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner. You also need to ensure that you are working with a qualified supplier, preferably an NSI Gold installer.

Modern CCTV systems allow remote viewing of images

The advances in technology meant that you can now view the camera footage remotely using most systems. However, you need to be aware that as soon as you open up your cameras to the internet there is a security risk.

You must make sure that you don’t use admin or administrator as usernames or any default usernames or passwords on your systems. Many Video Management systems now offer web browsing and also App support for both live viewing and for looking at recorded footage.

Security of CCTV system must be maintained

Essentially your CCTV System is as secure as you make it. One of the securest ways of running a CCTV system would be to only allow known secure traffic to it, maybe by using a VPN. Otherwise if you are running a CCTV system please ensure that all of your users are current, know how to operate the system responsibly and have strong passwords to get to the system.

GDPR compliant systems will allow the administrator to inspect the logs for use of the CCTV System, this should be taken seriously as the Data Controller is ultimately responsible for the use of the system.

Considering CCTV? Ecl-ips is an established Avigilon partner

Ecl-ips is a well-established partner of North American CCTV manufacturer and software developer, Avigilon which is part of Motorola Solutions. Its Avigilon Control Center software is advanced featuring self-learning analytics with facial recognition and unusual motion detection.

However, it is developed with strong privacy and data protection considerations ensuring the CCTV operator is always in control of the security decisions and actions it will take based on the information provided by the system.

Ecl-ips records a series of Q&A videos to answer your CCTV questions

The Managing Director of Ecl-ips, Aaron Kernaghan, has recorded a series of Q&A videos, on which much of this blog is based. These videos are being released weekly up until June and are available on our YouTube channel and social media pages. Subscribing to the channel will mean you can learn more about how a CCTV can help you and can be managed.

If you are considering CCTV for your business and want to know more about what we can offer using the Avigilon CCTV system contact us.