Gearing up for the ISBA conference & exhibition

This is our chance to showcase our protection solutions to schools

Ecl Ips Stand 2Ecl Ips Stand 2

We are gearing up to be part of the largest exhibition that the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) has ever held at its annual conference this year. The event is taking place later this month – Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 May – at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Wales within the Celtic Manor Resort near Newport.

The exhibition will be our opportunity to showcase the selection of security and protection solutions we offer from Motorola Solutions’ companies. We are an established supplier and installer of Avigilon CCTV and access control systems as well as IP Video’s HALO Smart Sensor to the education sector. This includes state and independent schools.

With advancing technology, including the development of cloud-based solutions, the exhibition in May is a perfect time to demonstrate how the systems we offer can help more schools with protecting and safeguarding students. We concentrate on offering solutions that are advanced, but easy to use, and increasingly give you the flexibility to manage security and protection wherever you are. The range of products from Motorola Solutions that we offer to schools and that we will feature at the exhibition include:

HALO Smart Sensor

This is a vape detector, and a health and safety monitor all in one device. Schools that we have supplied the sensor to have been impressed with how it has helped manage the growing problem of vaping among students and also how it has aided tackling anti-social behaviour and vandalism within the schools.

Halo Smart Sensor no subscription vape detection

The HALO Smart Sensor uses a dynamic vape detection algorithm to automatically learn the environment and alert when vaping is detected. The HALO is also the only product that can alert and differentiate between vaping, vaping with THC (cannabis), and intentionally masking vaping behaviour, by using aerosols to cover up vaping. Unlike many other vape detectors, the HALO is a standalone device so once you have bought and installed it you are not obliged to have any ongoing costs.

The HALO has the ability to detect abnormal noise levels, which could suggest aggression between students. When an incident occurs, it is important that school leaders get notifications quickly. When the smart sensor is installed, it will literally learn what the normal sound levels are within its environments and then will send alerts when a threshold above normal is detected for a specified length of time. The HALO also comes preloaded with five spoken keyword phrases related to calls for help giving students added protection. To find out more about the benefits for schools read our Baxter College and St. Joseph’s College case studies.

Avigilon Unity Surveillance and Access Control

Avigilon, part of Motorola Solutions, offers advanced IP-based CCTV solutions. We have worked with schools for many years, including Bromsgrove School and Harrow within the independent sector, to improve their security systems and ensure that they are making the most of improving surveillance camera technology.

Onvif membership AvigilonWe can take a phased approach with our projects to support stretched budgets so that if there are analogue cameras already in place these do not immediately need replacing. Instead, these can be integrated into the Avigilon Unity Video (formerly Avigilon Control Manager) platform using encoders so that the footage from these, as well as IP cameras we install, is readily accessible within one place allowing users to take advantage of the advanced features of the software. The video management software provides award winning, advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics capabilities, including Appearance Search and facial recognition technology to help you quickly detect, verify and act on events. The latest version of the software, Avigilon Unity Video 8, also features Avigilon’s most powerful edge analytics platform, AdaptAI, which will help spot potentially critical events such as unusual crowds and notify you if it detects abnormal noise levels.

Avigilon offers a huge selection of cameras so we can cater for the wide range of needs, and different budgets, a school will have, both inside the buildings and outside across school grounds including sports pitches and car parks.

Meanwhile, we can also offer Avigilon Unity Access with Avigilon Unity Video so you can proactively monitor and secure school sites with a combined CCTV and access control system.

Avigilon Alta: Cloud-based access control and security cameras

Avigilon Alta’s security solution is based around its Aware Cloud video management system (VMS). The platform is open, scalable, secure, and easy to use. Alta Aware is a powerful cloud-based AI VMS equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities. This means advanced analytics features such as Smart Search, occupancy counting and number plate recognition.Ava On Laptop

Avigilon Alta also offers a range of Avigilon Ava security cameras that come with built-in AI video and audio analytics. To provide added flexibility when you undertake a CCTV upgrade, we offer its cloud connector which means you can connect your third-party cameras and sensors to the Alta Aware cloud-based platform. Again, this means we can take a phased approach if you want to gradually adopt the latest cameras throughout a school.

With a cloud-based solution you will be paying for access to the software and the use of the cameras via a subscription. This means ongoing costs, but less of a large outlay at the beginning for video recorder appliances that are required for access to a VMS with an on-premise CCTV system.

Additionally, Avigilon Alta access control delivers reliable keyless, mobile access control with smart video, intercom capabilities and cloud-based software. This software, state-of-the-art hardware and advanced record-keeping technology means easy access for users and effective remote management for school managers. The access control system is created with scalable technologies designed to secure everything from a single door, office, or a larger school campus with multiple buildings.

We look forward to supporting more schools

So, if you are an ISBA member take a look at our directory page on the association’s website to view our security and protection solutions and if you are attending the annual conference and exhibition we look forward to seeing you at the ICC Wales later this month . Alternatively, if you are a school leader in the state or independent sector, and want to know more about what we can offer,  please get in touch