Running a hotel? We can help you keep staff and guests protected

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If you are running a hotel you want to keep all guests and staff safe and protected. This may mean that you have to take action when certain guests do not respect staff or their surroundings or employees do not follow rules.

A discreet monitoring device to protect hotel staff and guests

The Halo Smart Sensor, by IPVideo Corporation, has a number of functions which mean that it can help you deal with situations that arise in an efficient manner. This is a discreet unit which can be used in hotel guest rooms and other areas where CCTV would be inappropriate. It also provides a useful addition to CCTV monitoring where you do have cameras fitted.

The HALO is particularly useful in detecting air quality changes by monitoring particulate matter and is therefore able to detect vaping, tobacco smoking and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is found in cannabis. This means you will know when vaping or smoking is taking place in guest bedrooms, communal areas or staff areas and deal with these incidents appropriately and instigate extra cleaning if needed.

It can also be a tool that could support disputes between staff and guests, among your employees or guests as it also has in-built aggression detection and can pick up calls for help.

Easy to manage monitoring with HALO Cloud

When we install the HALO sensor, we can connect the device to HALO Cloud. This will provide an online dashboard where you can manage multiple devices, see alerts and historical data. Staff managing the system can choose how you would like to receive notifications. This could, for example, be via text message, email or via an action message within the dashboard.

Investing in security may seem costly but if you do not yet have CCTV in hotel car parks or entrance areas then installing Avigilon cameras will provide you additional peace of mind. However, if you already have CCTV cameras Ecl-ips can help you integrate them with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software to ensure all your surveillance can be carried out from one platform. The HALO smart sensor can also be integrated into third-party security systems like ACC.

Additionally, by placing the HALO sensor in key areas over the long term you should save money by preventing damage of property and associated cleaning costs that are caused by smoke particles and poor air quality.

We are excited about the power of the HALO smart sensor and how it could help the hospitality industry. If you want to know more about its benefits contact us.