NSI covid 19 risk managedNSI covid 19 risk managed

Covid-19: Managing Risk and Providing Solutions

In order to provide our clients the high level of service that they have become accustomed to we have continued to provide our full portfolio of services throughout the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and related restrictions.

Like all companies Ecl-ips needs to take the ongoing risk of COVID- 19 seriously, treating it like any other risk that we need to assess and ensure that all parties are safe by design.

In summary this has meant taking actions to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus to our employees but also to our customers when we need to visit your sites to install and maintain your security, backup and monitoring systems. This includes complying with the UK government’s five steps to working safely to become Covid-19 Secure.

We can also offer a range of solutions for organisations to help mitigate their risks following the removal of mandatory restrictions in July 2021.

The actions we are taking to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19

  • We have ensured we comply with the UK government’s guidance to become Covid-19 Secure
  • Our staff are primarily continuing to work from home and only working from the office when necessary reducing the contact that we are having with each other.
  • Our engineers will work as much as possible two metres apart.
  • We will protect our team of engineers and avoid close proximity contact with other contractors or employees on a site.
  • If our engineers need to work in close proximity, we will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): masks and gloves.
  • We will not be asking customers to have any contact with our devices and all jobs will be signed off by verbal agreement.
  • When we are visiting customer sites we will expect and confirm that the responsible party for the site has carried out a risk assessment prior to our visit in order to mitigate any risks for our engineers.
  • If any of our employees are showing any of the recognised symptoms of COVID-19 they will immediately self-isolate and take a test for the disease as soon as practicably possible so that the right action can then be taken by them and Ecl-ips.
  • Our expectation is that staff and contractors on sites that we visit will also follow the best practice advice on safety in the workplace in relation to COVID-19 and we request that they also adhere to the same whilst Ecl-ips representatives are on-site working.
Covid Secure Notice